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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lies & Lullabies (Hush Note #1) by Sarina Bowen

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Finding The Real You Stars
* * * 1/2  
Spoiler Free
Writing about tricky subjects can be challenging. There is so much that can go into how to approach them, how your audience receives the storyline, and whether the readers will embrace the path you took for the characters.

Also, a huge factor is the subjective nature of reading itself. What may work for one group, may not for the other due to their own past experiences, etc.

Sarina Bowen has never shied away from anything she has attempted.
Her ability to bring her characters to life and give them real challenges everyday people experience in this world has been her calling card. She has addressed so many topics that others have run from and with much success in hitting exactly the right tone.

In Lies & Lullabies, she has approached once again misrepresentation, surprise pregnancy, the discovery of parenting and so much more.

The story goes with two people sharing a summer of friendship and then just before this time ends, a dip into more. He goes back to the life he was hiding from...A Musician/Rock Guy who just wanted to feel normal for a little while. She was having the same fun and wanted their last night, only when she discovers her situation has changed, she is in for more than a shock.

The man she had spent all summer with, the one she connected to...He doesn't exist because he gave her a bogus name. She looked to see if she could find him a bit and then made the executive decision she would have this baby on her own.

The good news was on her own meant with her loving brother by her side all the way. As time passes, she now has the cutest five-year-old kid ever and the man of her summer is back.

The winning moments were how this man took everything, all the surprise, and feelings about it, and decided to be there for them. This was a man who understood the importance of being there for those you care about. He also was just yummy, too.

This is the first in a series and all the necessary elements were there. We met the members of the band, our amazing brother who deserves his story, and learned of the following the band had.

The story has a second chance focus and I look forward to seeing what else comes next.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review

About Sarina Bowen

 Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling author of 30+ books, including the True North series, and the Brooklyn Bruisers. She's the co-author of Him/Us and the WAGs series with Elle Kennedy. She's the author of The Ivy Years series, and more!

Are you looking for a friends-to-lovers story or maybe even a secret baby book? You can read a list of Sarina's books broken out by trope and style.

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