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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Jingle Balls: A Holiday Romantic Comedy Anthology

A Review by Wendy
4 So Worth The Time Stars
* * * * 
Spoiler Free-Terrific Cause, Limited Time 99 CENTS!!!
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this anthology and can honestly say, it was enjoyable reading it. Twenty authors decided to do something special for the holidays. They put together this book to go #Nuts4Books and proceeds will benefit the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

How Great Is That!

Now I wasn't able to read all of the stories so far but I have read a couple and what a delight.

In Ball Sacked by Christina Hovland,
we are blessed with having the Infamous Babushka from the Mile High Matched series working her magic for granddaughter, Anna Dvornakov.

Anna has an ex-boyfriend who will be part of the bachelor auction for the charity. She had been dating him for about two blissful months and then decided it had to be over. Did she have good cause, yes...but she was missing how good it was. Seeing him again was not going to be easy. But she had a job to do and all of the arrangements for the first annual Jingle Balls Ball was her responsibility. She had done the flowers, twinkle lights, winter wonderland, all of it, and the room was perfect.

Drake Wellington wanted to have another chance with Anna. Working some unknown magic, he was able to put himself in front of her at this ball. It was the only way because she refused to take his calls, respond to his texts, or be at the flower shop when he came by. He missed her and wanted to clear the air and have a second chance.

Drake knew he needed to figure out his life and Anna was part of his missing piece.

This was a sweet, fun, and insightful story of two people who just needed to talk things out. You wanted them to find their way back together and when they did, everything felt perfect. All with Babushka blessings.

I also read Scoring a Holiday Match by Delancey Stewart and I Told You So by Serena Bell. Both entertaining, sexy, and fun. This group of authors puts together a variety of stories that will keep you busy and put a smile on your face all for the chance to do something positive and fight Testicular Cancer.

All For Go #Nuts4Books...
Proceeds Will Benefit...
The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

So Let's Keep Those Balls Jingling...
For They Are Attached To Those We Love

Curve Ball-Aidy Award
I Told You So-Serena Bell
Sleigh My Name-Kilby Blades
A Blue Balled Holiday-Dylann Crush (Coordinator)
Jingle Ball Bendery-Sophia Henry
Ball Sacked-Christina Hovland
Coldcocked by Saint Nick-Melonie Johnson
Under the Mistletoe-Tawdra Kandle
Decidedly for Christmas-Stina Lindenblatt
Licking His Candy Cane-Elizabeth Lynx
Wrapped Up With You-Claire Marti
One Jingle or Two-MK Meredith
Rockin’ Around the Jingle Balls Ball-Susannah Nix
Lick My Snowballs-Tracey Pedersen
Deck the Halls With Balls-Marika Ray
Not So Silent Night-Piper Rayne
Out of the Eggnog-Arell Rivers
Mistletoe Hearts-Brenda St. John Brown
Scoring a Holiday Match-Delancey Stewart
Nuts About You-Sylvie Stewart

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