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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Release Blitz ♥ Games by Brianne Day ♥ #giveaway $15 GC


Title: Games (The Dangerous Games Series #1)
Author: Brianne Day
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 6th


9 months away from Audrey’s ex didn't seem like long enough.
Audrey thought she had been able to let go.
She had tried so hard but the scarring wasn’t just skin deep, he had marred her soul.
After a moment of weakness, Carson is back but at what cost? Her life or someone that she loves?
Brock has it all figured out, until his thoughtlessness lands him on Audrey doorstep.
Clothed Audrey would have been hard enough to resist but half naked Audrey?
No chance.
He struggles with accepting the new whirlwind of emotions she invokes in him and getting involved with her psychotic ex.
But when Audrey's life is on the line, just how far will he go to protect the woman he can't stop thinking about?

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I couldn't believe how weak I was becoming just from one little phone call. I tried to breathe; I tried to remind myself that he had no control over me. I tried to reassure myself that I would be okay and that he wasn't in my life anymore. But no matter what I told myself, I could feel my mind spiraling out of control. Questions overtook my mind. What if he tried to come after me? What if he was already here just waiting? What if? What if?

Why had I even answered the phone?

"You better have been or it won't be good." He huffed into the phone right before it cut out. I switched my phone to silent and placed it face down on the floor.

I closed my eyes and tried to pull myself together. My arms were shaking and I knew tears were threatening my eyes.

About The Author
Brianne Day is from a small town in Southern Louisiana where the food is spicy, people are loud and lovely, church is a staple and romance is raw. Brianne is obsessed with makeup, her family, writing and reading just about anything she can get her hands on.



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