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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wendy - Asking for Trouble, A Line of Duty novel By Tessa Bailey

A Review By Wendy

4 Hot, Smoldering, Steamy, Whispering Stars * * * *

Assumption… we live every day making them… we learn this practice while we are young;from parents, teachers and from our life experience.
We see people and think in a moment we know all about them; like a product that has been marketed to us.

We make unwritten contacts with lovers… implying I’ll be this way and you’ll be that way and we will be good with this….

But then there are times when we make these assumptions and it turns out we were very very wrong… the person we met really wasn’t that cocky guy… shallow and just marking time… he had responsibilities and concerns for others. He didn’t want white collar and was fulfilled with his blue collar life, yet that didn’t mean he didn’t have education or an ability to mix with all types of situations. He was a surprise.

And she… she may have come across as a china doll all fragile; cared for without a worry in her life. She may have represented all that he looked down on; wasteful people taking up space with no focus or desire to be involved in anything more than going to event after event… but he would be wrong… as he could never have known she never felt as if she belonged either… and that was all of her life with these people....

So they assume and think they know who exactly who they are dealing with….
That is the premise of Asking for Trouble, Tessa Bailey’s new installment of In the Line of Duty series.

We meet Hayden, beautiful socialite and her sparring partner Brent, EM services Explosion Expert. They are thrown together due to their best friends becoming a couple. They both have assumed neither one has anything to offer each other nor it becomes a contest of sorts to see who and say the most uncomfortable comment to each other.

There is a huge problem with this though….
They both are really, really, attracted to each other … and will not own up to it.
Brent… plays up his dislike for everything chi chi… not understanding that Hayden is not “the nose stick up in the air” gal he thinks she is.

She thinks and comments endlessly how he is crass and has no manners etc… yet Brent is working 2 jobs to assist his sister in law and younger sister. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is proud to be a second generation cop.

Now Tessa Bailey is high on my list for sexy hot books… and one of the things she excels in is sexy talk…
I am talking …dirty –whispering- in- the ear-and- telling- you-about- all- of- the- things- that- are-going- to-be- done- to- you- talk.
Yup… that, kinda talk.
And she comes through with flying colors with using Brent as her vehicle. He says all the right things to Hayden to stir her up and she responds in kind. It is only a matter of time until these two get together and go Kaboom.

Now there needs to be some meat and potatoes story to hold our attention and it goes back to that assumption thing.
Because it seems Dad has lost funds and we are not talking a little amount, we are talking the Mega kind. And Mommy Dearest- yup she really is a b*tch, seems to have read too many historical romance books because she has come up with an arranged marriage for Hayden with a dud of a guy who has the mega bucks Dad needs. So in essence she is selling off her daughter to keep the life style she has.

Which leaves Hayden in a difficult situation; everyone thinks her life is just shoe shopping and parties but she really has depth and wants so much more in her life. The question is will she stand up, realize Brent is more than she assumed and take her life into her own hands.

I enjoyed the read. It was fast, snappy and had some terrific moments. It wasn’t my favorite In the Line of Duty stories but it certainly did not disappoint.

We have another one coming and I believe quiet brooding Matt is next up. I will be right there waiting for him… because if I know Tessa Bailey like I think I do, Matt may not have said much in this book….. cause he is saving up all that sexy talk for his own.

Tessa Bailey lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, Tessa enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes.

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