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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wendy - Diamond Girl (G-Man #1) - Andrea Smith

A Review by Wendy

Diamond Girl, G-Man #1
4 Tarnished, Refitted, Polished Glowing Stars * * * * 

I heard a lot about Diamond Girl, the first of the G-Man series for Andrea Smith.There were positive reviews and additional books for the series. With the success of the following addition, Love Plus One, G-Man 2 and the recently released Night Moves G-Man 3, I decided to go to the source...

The Blurb

Thirty-five year old Samantha Dennison sends her only child off to college and finds herself generally feeling F-R-U-M-P-Y and lost. Her loveless marriage to 'the mannequin' has become intolerable; her daughter and best friend have both advised 'Sammie' to get a life of her own. Her husband has his own agenda which does not include her.
Sammie finally heeds their advice and takes pole-dancing lessons to get into shape and develop self-esteem, but it serves to do much more than that! The thrill of the dance and sexuality she discovers within herself is a potent mixture. She gets a part-time job as a dancer in an Indianapolis Gentleman's Club called Jewels. She becomes the dancer known as 'Diamond' and very quickly catches the attention of a 'bad-boy' biker named 'Slate.'

Slate is the ultimate 'alpha' male; however there's a problem: he simply wants it to be about exclusive sex; Sammie wants and needs more from Slate. Sammie's certain she's embarked on a dangerous relationship with the hot biker and 'prospect' member of the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club. She soon finds out she's totally out of her league with Slate and the dangerous people he associates with in Indianapolis. Something big is brewing in Indy; and it's not about race cars!


This book delivers on many levels. I was entertained, kept wondering when all of the cover stories were going to hit the fan and enjoyed the awakening of emotions by both main characters, Sammie and Slate. The theme of not loosing yourself as an individual while married and being a mom was addressed in a very clear way.

There were some situations which did not sit well for me personally, though.

I am a reader who tries to stay away from cheating. It is something that usually doesn't work for me. That is not to say, I don't get the motivation in certain circumstances or how it can happen. It is just me explaining my mind set. So, although Sammie's situation is horrific and her husband is beyond any redemption, the cheating factor was a negative for me.

Outside of that issue, the book was entertaining, provided quite a bit of story, was extremely steamy and understandable as to why the series is popular.

Wrap Up

I will be hunting down the next G-Man, Taz, to see what he will be up to with Little Lindsey... I think a big romance may be on the horizon.

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