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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wendy - Love Plus One (G-Man #2) - Andrea Smith

A Review by Wendy

Love Plus One

4 Macho, G-Man, Sexual Awakening Stars * * * * 

Love Plus One, G-Man #2 is the next part of Andrea Smith's popular series. She has introduced characters which have experienced much in their short time with us and we, as readers, have taken an interest. Although the books can be read as stand alone; I personally feel through my completing this engaging story it was enhanced with my prior knowledge of Diamond Girl G-Man #1.

The Blurb

A year ago 19-year-old Lindsey Dennison's life took an abrupt turn. While away at Cornell for her freshman year at college, her parents' marriage imploded. Lindsey learned the harsh truth about her father, and his involvement in criminal activity. He'd slipped out of the country with his lover on the eve of his arrest, deserting his only child. Lindsey was left trying to pick up the pieces of the life she now realized had been a house of secrets and lies for all of those years.

After her mother's second marriage relocates her from Indianapolis to Washington, D.C., Lindsey decides to start fresh at a new college closer to where her mother, step-father and baby brother Bryce are now living. Life is different now for Lindsey, but it's about to change even more. Trace "Taz" Matthews, an FBI agent is about to rock her world in more ways than one. Taz is a confirmed man-whore but Lindsey has a problem she's certain he can fix . . . but will he?

Despite their best efforts, Lindsey and Taz are tossed together by fate on more than one occasion, and this G-Man doesn't appreciate the distraction. Issues at home with her mother suddenly cause Lindsey's life to become increasingly complicated. There's a budding romance on the horizon for Lindsey with a wealthy and attractive guy she meets at school; but things are never quite as they seem. Lindsey will learn a brutal lesson about trust, compassion and strength. Taz will learn lessons about love, intimacy and honor, and that sometimes doing the right thing has consequences.

Also please be aware there is a very graphic rape in this story.


This tale of Taz and Lindsey was a winner for me. It had heart, desire, understanding and growth.

Lindsey is going through the loss of her father.

Yet she is not allowed to morn.... he has betrayed her

He has abandoned her.... he has made everything she believed in false.... and it has made her doubt herself.
She has been a child free to grow up trusting in the good of others, slightly naive but with enough intelligence to be strong when hit with difficult challenges. She encouraged her Mom to develop her own self worth and was accepting of the new relationship her mother found with Slate.

Yet with all of this strength for others, she has her own self doubts... she has no success like her friends in the man department... all of the potential boyfriends end up as insufficient candidates to give up her Vcard. So somehow, Lindsey thinks this is an obstacle....

And then there is Taz. Sigh.....

Slate is Taz's superior and also best friend. They worked together undercover, followed the drug and money laundering trail causing Lindsey's dad to flee the country. Slate has known Taz since FBI training and the bond is "Bro tight". They have worked together, trained together….. and they have Man-Whored together.

This brings to where things change for Taz and Lindsey. They are at Sammie and Slate's wedding; Lindsey feeling alone. She is having a bit of a pity party for one with her friend, Champagne. As she downs flute after flute, Taz sees her and decides to intervene. He takes it upon himself to get her home but Lindsey’s stomach decides to evict her Champagne friends all over his truck. He goes into caretaker mode and takes her to his apartment. He gets her stripped, showered, changed and tucked away in his guest room for the night.
Little did either of them know what a turning point that would be for the both of them.

He sees her as more than Slate’s stepdaughter.

He sees the beautiful woman she has become.

She feels the stirring of the possibility of Taz…. She wants him to see her as more than a girl…. She wants to be that beautiful woman he sees.

She plants a kiss on him as she leaves in the morning that rocks his world.
From that moment, this story is “game on”.

Now it is important to mention, these characters are very frank in their sexual ways. It isn’t all romance and soft kisses. The way it is presented is very direct, kinda one or two words direct… but it works and we experience some of the hottest sexual interludes, with delightful dirty talk and actions… with really, really wonderful results.

Because even though Taz is represented as a Man Whore… boy, did he ever redeem himself. His development with her and as a person was the best part of this book. We took that journey with them together and it was worthwhile.

Now not everything in the story is all tied up in a little bow… this is a book with parts that are not easy to handle. There is a graphic rape and unfortunately it is an important part of the story. There is also the question of her father and whereabouts.

This was a strong read with great results for the series. We were able to connect deeply with all of the characters and felt closer to them as a result. The secondary characters for this part were introduced with enough detail for us to wonder what will happen next to them.

Wrap Up

There is no cliffy for Lindsey and Taz, you will not be left on the brink; however, I am thinking Darcy, Lindsey’s girlfriend, was set up to continue with this group. We shall see what happens with her, in Night Moves, G-Man #3. I understand there’s some British bloke named Easton and he seems to have a certain way about him…..

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