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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wendy - Armed and Dangerous (The IMA #2) - Nenia Campbell


4.5 Covert, International, Self-Discovery, Risky Stars * * * */*

First- Thanks to Nenia Campbell providing readers Free purchase of this book.

This is the continuation of the IMA series, Armed and Dangerous. Starts pretty much where it left off in Cloak and Dagger, Christine back at home with her narcissistic mother. Her parents have divorced and she is working to move on from her kiddnapping and confused feeling for Michael. Talking with Doctors are a waste.... How can you talk about being captured, almost killed and the organization that tired to make it all happen?
Nope, Christine feels isolated. She decides to go to a collage with a low profile and try to move forward some how.

While Christine is working to find some new kind of normal, Michael, our assassin, hitman turn lovesick for Christine, is held to the promise he made to IMA. He has promise to "work" with them in order to keep Christine safe from the "evils" out there.

There are chases, escapes from tight situations, bombs and international intrigue. All kinds of action.

What struck me most with this book was more of the personal and interpersonal revelations of the characters. Christine discovers her own voice and capabilitiies. Michael continues to discover he has a heart and what real feelings are.

All of this is done with the Nenia's vision of how she sees things through the character's thoughts. Those who know me on GR know I am not shy in my love of writing that moves me. It was the suprising nuggets of phrasing and concepts of real questions that hit me as I read this book. Is it a heavy handed book, no. But it does present a lot of questions with answers which made me think.

There is, of course, the budding romance between Christine and Michael. What will be interesting is the next part of this series and where it takes them. I will be front and center for it whether I receive a freebie or not.


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