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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wendy - Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #2) - Lisa Renee Jones


3.5 Continuing, Conspiracy, Exotic Stars * * * */* 

Earlier this year, I read Escaping Reality and was quite taken with it. It had a catchy start of a woman living a life while needing to hide in plain sight. She is being "handled" by a man she never sees. She has lost all of her family in a devastating fire, and when she is directed by the handler instructing her of danger, she follows his directions going to where he says. It felt a little like the TV show Mission Impossible meets In Plain Sight. (Yes, unfortunately, I am of the generation which watched the original Mission Impossible as a child)

I had a faint understanding when I read the book, a cliffy was coming. I forgot that as I was reading it, only to have it come and slap me hard in the face at the end.

Fast-forward to the release of Infinite Possibilities. It had been long enough between books for me to refresh the story and what the motivation was about this story. I read the last couple of chapters of the first book so I would be ready to go with the right mind frame for the new one.

For me, unfortunately, I never got to the same level of interest and curiosity I had with the first book. The characters were still interesting, Liam was still the beautiful Alpha Male... wanting his woman, willing to do anything to protest her and make her safe.
Amy was still the survivor/victim/seeker searching for answers and questioning almost everything around her, trying to figure out who to trust and who to hide from.

The story is strong and there is definitely a point of view with implied twists and turns to engage.
My feeling is that this would have been stronger for me if it had not been two books. The tension would have been maintained throughout one book with the interest held and my mind racing wanting to know all of the answers to the questions asked.

This is well written with a very strong concept from the beginning. If you enjoy a little mysterious intrigue with your romance then this series is perfect. Just be prepared to read both books as I think that will enhance the experience.
The story does have an ending yet there is another book coming from one of the characters involved POV. He is a pivotal character and his take on all that has happened and why will be a draw for fans of this series. It seems that this book ends the chapter  for Liam and Amy but with the additional book coming... don't hold me to it....  .


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