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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wildflower (Speakeasy Taproom #5) by Mae Wood

A Review by Wendy
5 Seriously Good Stars
* * * * *  

Spoiler Free

Like the title of this review says, Wildflower by Mae Woods was amazingly good in all the right ways. It took us on a journey of people who needed to find their way, to be able to rise above all the issues from the past, not of their making, and become free to find the success they craved and the love they were due.

Juliana Burton was tired of being discounted for the ability she had.
She was an expert brew master and in all of the past positions she had had with breweries, they all either took advantage of her talents without giving her the credit due or treated her like a second class person because she was a women in this industry. She had reached her limit and finally joined forces with other like minded women and created their own brewery. She was from Vermont, knew the location was perfect for all the beer heads who traveled to taste the latest and greatest.

Juliana had history here and one of the major memories from her school days was Riggs Lyon. She crushed on him all through high school and even when she had come back years ago for a friend's wedding. Her experience then was not great so seeing him once again here in her hometown was a little unnerving.

Riggs Lyon never thought he would be back home helping his mom and dad run the honey business. He left this town as fast as he could when he was out of high school and yet, here he is back. He made the mistake of marrying someone who he thought was the one. She was cut from the society high level, had all the smarts a person could want, and Riggs couldn't believe his luck that she wanted him...yet really she didn't.

No, forget the beautiful son they had, forget the successful career Riggs had and the one she had...they weren't good enough for her. Instead, she decided to pull a Bernie Madoff scam, and was caught.

This caused Riggs to lose his career, be looked at as though he was part of it, which he was not, and because his son was having troubles at school, they left Boston and moved back home. Now Riggs is looking to improve his family's business, develop an online presence, and then figure out where to restart next.

These two cross paths and from the start there is miscommunication that colors how they interact. Riggs thinks Juliana made a dig at his past situation and Juliana wants to use the Lyon's premiere honey in creating a new brew, hoping to win the big award at the next contest.

Juliana and Riggs go through some steps where they start to see through all the barriers they had put up. Connections and respect happen and we get to be in on these happenings from the start.

This was a huge win and Mae Woods is now an author for me to watch.


Professional sassypants and novelist, Mae Wood has been a bookworm her entire life.

She loves cheeses, complicated crafts that she'll start but never complete, and puns.

A while ago Mae decided that she needed to give up the fear that she couldn't write "great literature" and write what she wants to read.

And she wants romance. And laughter. And real life.

She wants heroines who are brave. Brave enough to be themselves and brave enough to fall in love. She wants men who are strong and kind.




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