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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Grumpy Cowboy (Single Dad Collection #3) by Max Monroe

A Review by Wendy

4 Little Star Is Born Stars
* * * *  

Spoiler Free

 Max Monroe is a combination of two terrific authors, with success on their own. When these two minds get together, share life experiences, and then laugh hysterically about all they have done, we benefit. Grumpy Cowboy comes from these minds melding on something they each had to share about men and ranch life. Lucky us.

Dr. Leah Levee is on her way to having the career she has always wanted.
As an orthopedic specialist, she landed the position of the second doctor for Utah's NBA team. This was a huge move from private practice and she had hoped to become THE team's doc down the line. When her boss asks her to go to a ranch and take care of a friend's 14-year-old son for the next two months, sounds like there is no turning it down.

Why would she...
She would get a relaxing vacation/work time out on a dude ranch. Sounds like something fun and she would be making points with her boss, win/win.

Rhett Jameson has been The Man of Rodeo. Lots of Winning Buckles, lots of Buckle Bunnies, and a huge mistake with the Rodeo Queen. She was the mistake, not the adorable daughter Josephine. Nope, Josie/Joe was the best thing that ever happened, and stepping away from the circuit was the smart decision. It also was his responsibility to take the ranch over from his stubborn dad, as this land had been theirs for generations.

Rhett was happy with his life, focused on work and Joe but one night hanging with past buddies caused him to let his ego take over his actions, and bam, messed up knee and leg. Rhett was laid up and recovering from his surgeries but once he was put on a walking brace, he was not doing anything his doctor wanted. Instead, he was stubbornly behaving as if he knew better and his working on the leg not letting it heal properly.

When his dad realized what his son was doing, which didn't surprise him at all, he called his best friend, the team owner. He asked if the team's doc could come and handle his son. The owner was happy to send Leah.

Now Leah, city girl, high heels, designer clothes, thinks she is going to a "ranch" to rehab a 14-year-old kid. She gets off the private plane and sees lots of land...Tiny, the ranch manager, picks her up, looks at how she is dressed, and knows this is going to be "something".

After talking with Tex, Rhett's dad, she heads out to Rhett's house on the ranch. She is impressed with the beauty and is aware, things are not as easy as she WiFi, Cell Service Spotty, and lots of dirt. She pulls up to the house, the door swings open and the cutest little 5-year-old girl stands there. She welcomes Leah and invites her in.

And Then Leah Meets Rhett.
He Is Not 14, He Is A Man...A Fine Specimen Of A Man, Oh Lord, With No Shirt On.
With A Brace On His Leg.

Are You Kidding Me....Leah wants to just die. This was not what she signed up for. The man is being ridiculous, rude, and smug. The only thing worth her time is this adorable child. A real fireball, 5 going on 35.

Rhet is furious with his dad thinking he needs a babysitter while he heals. He knows what needs to be done and wants this woman gone. If she thinks she is going to make him do anything, she has another thing coming.

The setup is perfect. The clashing of personalities, the assumptions, the stubborn mistakes, and the final realizations of what was at stake works. All of the characters work, but I have to say the scene-stealer was JoJo, as Leah called Rhett's daughter. A True Star was Born.

A real fun read.

About five years ago, a dynamic duo of romance authors teamed up under the pseudonym Max Monroe, and, well, the rest is history...

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of more than thirty contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​


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