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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Forbidden by Karla Sorensen

A Review by Wendy

4.5 Felt It Deep Stars
* * * * 1/2 

Spoiler Free


Karla Sorensen has a deft hand in understanding feelings, all types. This is an excellent study of how we all manage deep feelings from our past experiences. We learn how to allow others to find that one person who "Got You" and allowed you to be you.

This story has all the makings of something easy, not earth-shattering...yet when Isabel and Aiden cross paths as manager and owner of the newly acquired gym by Aiden, neither have any clue as to what the outcome will be.

Isabel is strong, keeps pain in, and only releases it through her personal working of the body bag. She came to the gym when she was 14, and from that moment, she felt at home, accepted. There she could release all her anger and frustrations and no one would get hurt or think less of her.

She loved MMA fighting and when Aiden came on the scene as a fighter, she became a devoted fan. She may have only been a teenager but her love/crush was serious. Yes, she grew up and knew whatever fairy tale she composed in her head with Aiden wasn't happening but deep down, those feelings were always going to be there.

Aiden was having the life. His career was strong and getting stronger. He had a beautiful wife who loved him and his daughter so much. He was trying to be everywhere at all times, there for the fights and home for the family but one night while he was away, terrible people did terrible things and his wife did not survive.

Now Aiden is only devoted to his daughter. She is the one in his life. He decided to focus on this gym he just bought and will work on making it a success. He understands he needs to be considerate to the former employees as their reputations all are stellar, especially Isabel's.

Isabel is having a difficult time being around Aiden. She knows her stuff and yet she keeps coming off as a stuck-up ass. She is either nervous around him and can't breathe or says two sentences or she comes across with resting bit@hface.

The story takes these two and puts them through a few challenges causing each to re-evaluate what they thought of the other. Also, the little daughter Aiden has is a hoot and terrific means of bringing them together. It starts as a slow burn and then ignites in this relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was worth the read.

 A gifted copy provided by Wildfire Marketing in exchange for an honest review


About Karla Sorensen

Karla Sorensen is an Amazon top 20 bestselling author who refuses to read or write anything without a happily ever after. When she's not devouring historical romance or avoiding the laundry, you can find her watching football (British AND American), HGTV or listening to Enneagram podcasts so she can psychoanalyze everyone in her life, in no particular order of importance. With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Grand Valley State University, she made her living in senior healthcare prior to writing full-time. Karla lives in Michigan with her husband, two boys and a big, shaggy rescue dog named Bear.


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