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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Little Lies by H. Hunting

 A Review by Wendy

4 Worth The Fight For It Stars
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Spoiler Free

One of the most wanted wishes I have when reading series that have wonderful characters, strong continuing/interlocking books, and cute children produced by the main characters...are books about these children once they are grown. Little Lies does just that.

We have Alex and Violet's daughter, Lavender, from the Hockey series Pucked. We then get from A Lie for a Lie, Kodiak, the Son of Rook and Lainey. These were children we knew from these past books and we now get to know more about them.

What happens in this story will rock you and make you think...
If you are older, you will remember back to being on the brink of your big everything was and how hard it was to understand all of the feelings you had. How the past hurts from those you loved and trusted, cut so deep.

Everything magnifies, angst, concern, love, hate, want, confusion, and relief. All of these feelings are touched on and Hunting is a master in making us experience the panic, the happiness, and the love.

We are given all the other siblings and kids in this story making me think more books are on their way. A wonderful book, especially if you want to feel things deeply when you read.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


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