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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Unforgettable (Cloverleigh Farms #5) by Melanie Harlow

A Review by Wendy
5 Grown-Up Love Stars
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There is something to be said when a successful series comes to an end...SUCCESSFULLY. Not all of them do. Melanie Harlow's Cloverleigh Farms has had an amazing run and to close it off with this story of Tyler and April was perfect.

I am a huge fan of stories that allow the characters to be able to set aside issues in a mature fashion. The first crossing April and Tyler had of friendship to something more happened 18 years ago when both of these characters were young, one on his way to his destiny and her going to college. There were consequences and the deep scarring of what was the result impacted both of them equally but in very different ways.

April, now successful as the wedding and event planner at the farm has finally been able to work out her issues with the help of her therapist. She has made huge progress and is making strides to becoming free of her pain.

Tyler, on the other hand, has not dealt with handling his pain. The pain he experienced for everyone to see...literally on the mound of the World Series. He was THE MAN in baseball at the time and his pitching was in the record books for his fastball and curveball. He was impossible to hit.

And then on network television broadcasted on the world stage, he got the Yips. This is the dreaded term used when a pitcher has no control of the just doesn't go where it is aimed and is caused by nothing physical. It is a mental thing. Tyler had it bad and there was nothing he could do. From that day on, after trying everything, his arm was gone and he had to quit baseball.

Quitting baseball and losing his ability like that was like amputating his legs or arms or cutting out his heart and soul. You see, Tyler felt all he was, was baseball, and what he could do with the ball. 
He never felt he had any other value and the fans, unfortunately never let him forget it. By living quietly by himself in a big house away from everyone, Tyler thought this was it.

Side Note-Soap Box
This part of the story felt very relatable as I have had to reinvent myself many times over the years. During these very crazy stressful times, a lot of us may be asking ourselves who are we now, if we aren't our job or career that we have worked on for years. If this has happened recently, then it is ok to grieve and miss what once was...but what is the most important thing is to accept the love from others and know You are More Than What You Do or Have Done. There is no one like you. Rejoice in you. PERIOD.
Ok, I'm Done

But sometimes he had to leave his fortress and when his sweet sassy sister informed him she was getting married, Tyler knew he had to drag himself out of seclusion, come home and be there with a smile on his face. He would submit to all the armchair jocks, hear all of their sure-fire remedies for his throwing issues as politely as he could without slamming them against any walls. That was how much he loved his sis.

What both April and Tyler weren't prepared for was literally running into each other on the early morning track.

April, being Sadie's wedding planner knew Tyler was coming back and had played out seeing him, how she would look and what she would say many times. She would look her most professional, be polite, and just the right amount of friendly. Now he was seeing her sweaty, in running shorts with no makeup and hair messy, drooping down out of her ponytail.

For Tyler, he was surprised to see April because he thought she was still in NYC. He was just as sweaty and had been out running but April thought he looked way better than her. If she could have read Tyler's mind, he was so pleased to see April and thought she was looking just fine, in fact cute.

They talk for a bit, both easy but careful with each other. When April looks at Tyler, she has a lot happening in her head and how he plays in her past. When Tyler looks at April, he thinks of her fondly and is kind of surprised how she plays in his mind.

Now, this is the real start and I was so thrilled with how Ms. Harlow addressed real serious life experiences that happen between people in Everyday Life. She took something very important, had both characters talk it through, and have them work on it together.

And they also worked on the attraction they still had for each other. They had humor together, steam together and we could happily see how well they meshed. Now everything wasn't without hiccups for the couple...but in the end, it was resolved realistically for me. 

Since this was set at the farm, we were able to have interaction with all our favorite couples. We were updated about family growth and loves. This book covered all the bases and felt like a home run to me... 

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

USA Today bestselling author of sweet and sexy romance. Lover of cocktails, high heels, and history with the naughty bits left in. Michigan girl. INTJ. Always seeking ginspiration... 

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