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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Rancher's Proposal (The Montana McGregor Brothers #3) by Paula Altenburg


 A Review by Wendy
4 He Knew It From The Start Stars
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 Spoilers Free

I am a sucker for a Cowboy's Love Story...I admit it. Backstory, I did a little bit of Western Show Riding years ago, so I have seen the Cowboy in his Natural Habitat. I can honestly say, not all men out there wearing Chaps and Spurs look like these men on the covers...But the men I did have the friendly chat with, their families and friends were mostly just like these tales, strong and straight-forward. Tule Publishing has an excellent handle on finding authors who can write tales which combine all of those qualities realistically. The Rancher's Proposal by Paula Altenburg has everything a reader could want from her cowboy.

This is part of a series, however, I never felt lost reading it on its own.

Posey Davies never thought she would be standing on her own porch in Grand, Montana.
As a woman raised in Boston, with all of its trappings, owning her own piece of land, dedicating herself to her two-year-old daughter Trixie, she will never let a man take advantage of her again.

Posey's naivete caused her to fall for a man who played the part courting her and then her pregnancy was the push for marriage. The man then turned out to be an abuser. It took his first rough treatment of Posey's daughter to cause the rushed settlement, payout, and divorce. Now she is supposed to be through with him. She has done everything possible to keep her location secret and vows to herself to be her own lone rider...protector and fortress.

Zack McGregor comes from a family which understands how ranches and landownership works. His family had the ranch next to Posey's. Zack was back at the ranch due to a terrible twist of fate taking his sister and his parents, leaving children without their mother. He has taken on his part of rearing these children and planned on being there for about a year.

When Zack comes by Posey's new home, introducing him as her neighbor, he sees a woman who is a little out of her comfort zone. What does connect between the two of them is the little girls. Zack's little niece is so cute and Posey's daughter seems to be so happy playing with her, it makes the grown-ups more comfortable spending time together.

As the story continues, we feel the two of them grow closer. Posey has been hurt and taken advantage of...and Zack thought he had a woman who cared for him but was shot down. Both have relationship hurdles but by working slowly and developing a strong foundation, Zach and Posey find each other and get their HEA.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and will do as my way, haha, go and find the first and second books of this series.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Paula Altenburg grew up in rural Nova Scotia knowing that at some point in her life she was likely to be a fiction writer. Swapping Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey books with her father guaranteed she wasn’t going to be the next Jane Austen, much to the dismay of her English teacher mother.
A degree in Social Anthropology from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, again meant writing was the logical (meaning only) career path for her, although it did confirm her belief that learning is a life-long experience. She’s taken business courses, writing courses, and physiology of aquatic animals courses, all at the university level and all for fun.
She has worked in the Aerospace industry, although now makes writing her full-time career. Happily married, with two terrific sons, she continues to live in rural Nova Scotia but makes a point of traveling as much as she can.
She reads in all genres, but fantasy and contemporary romance are her writing loves.

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