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Friday, November 2, 2018

A Review by Diane

Three Dates
Grahame Claire

Five I've got to have you Stars!!!
Where to begin?  Where to begin?

•              With a story so moving it wraps you up in a warm fuzzy blanket that you don’t want to let go of till you’ve read the very last word.
•              A story so compelling it makes you want more….more words, more story, more about our main characters.
•              A story that not only shows what the meaning of true love is, it teaches the meaning as well.
•              A story that makes you hyperventilate because you are so entrenched with the main characters you forget to breathe.</b>

Grahame Claire is a master story teller.  This duo not only articulates in their storytelling, they  weaves a complicated story line with so much depth, if you plunged off the cliff you wouldn’t reach the bottom, and yet, they makes it all so simple to follow.  Three Dates……what can possibly happen in just three simple dates?  Well my friends that is the story which makes this book so special!

We meet Muriella Morales in the first Paths to Love book, It’s Not Over.  Rescued by Daniel twenty years earlier as a young girl, he takes her in, protects her and makes her his family.   And when he meets the love of his life, Vivian, she embraces Muriella as well….as a sister, a long lost friend, a family member that they can never be without.   Now we move on to Muriella’s story (after learning about Daniel and Vivian)……and that’s where Three Dates begins…..exactly where It’s Not Over ends.  But to understand Muriella’s story you have to understand her past….complicated, tragic……and the man that has loved her for the past 6 years.  Stone Jacobs.  Tall, handsome, Hollywood movie star, down to earth Texan, close friend of Daniel and Vivian, he has loved Muriella since the moment he met her…..but she was fragile, broken and Jacob didn’t know why….or how.  So he took his time, and I mean he took his time…..did I mention “patience extraordinaire” is his middle name???  He carefully “woos” Muriella and through circumstances of his design, he now has three dates with her.  Three Dates to prove his love and the kind of man he is…..the only kind of man that Muriella can truly trust with her broken soul.  The only kind of man she can truly love.  The only kind of man she knows she will be loved in return, she will be cherished.  The only kind of man that will keep her safe and give her a family she truly deserves.

But Muriella has a problem.  She feels she is damaged and undeserving.  She fights Stone at every turn.  She is not cut out to date.  Love is not in the cards for Muriella.  And Stone??  He will do anything and everything he can to win her, to convince her, to assure her, she is worthy of not only his love, but her own love to love herself as well.

A roller coaster ride??  Yes!!  A ride Grahame Claire excels at?  YES!!!  A ride a reader will not only enjoy, but whoop for joy!!  YOU BET!!!  This is a book that can’t be put down….a book that shouldn’t be put down!!!   A book that not only has the romance we all crave for, but a love that excels and a story-line we can’t imagine not having read, a book that makes us crave the next book in this series…..are you hearing me Grahame Claire???  I’m ready for the next book!!!!

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