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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Release Blitz ♥ Dirty Bad Box Set by Jade West ♥

Title: Dirty Bad Box Set 
Author: Jade West 
Genre: Erotic 

The first three Amazon Top 100 books in the Dirty Bad Series - Dirty Bad Wrong, Dirty Bad Savage and Dirty Bad Strangers - now available in one volume! 

*Bonus content - read the first two chapters of the next in the Dirty Bad series before release* 

**Warning - these novels contains graphic sex, and hardcore elements of BDSM. There are scenes of violence (consensual) as well as sexual practices some readers may find offensive. 

If you aren't turned on by dirty bad wrong sex then please walk on by. Thank you.*** 

Dirty Bad Wrong 

They call him Masque. 

I call him God. 

The man I want to consume me, own me, 

break me and corrupt me. 

Yet I've never seen his face. 

His body ripples like an Adonis, sculpted in steel and 

dripping in sin. His flesh is inked with the mark of the 

chimera - one body, two very different halves. 

He plays hard. 

He plays rough. 

He has no limits. 

He's so fucking dirty bad wrong. 

But I love him for it. 


Lydia Marsh is always the strong one. The girl who never breaks, and sure as hell never cries. She's got it all - the perfect little life in cosy suburbia, with her perfectly nice boyfriend, and their perfectly sufficient sex life. She's even got her perfect little career plan all wrapped up at Trial Run Software Group. 

But when it all falls apart, and Lydia's pretty, green eyes are fixed on a brutally sexual stranger - the man they call Masque - she comes to suspect that being strong isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

For now Lydia wants something she's never wanted before... 

And she wants Masque to give it to her. 

Dirty Bad Savage 

They say Callum Jackson's a savage. 

No home. No prospects. No self-restraint. 

He's red-flagged on my system, a grade-1 aggression risk, totally off limits for a woman like me. 

But the rules don't allow for my dangerous games; they don't bend for my twisted desires. 

Callum Jackson is the most beautiful beast. 

A beast I can't stop thinking about, can't stop wanting, can't stop hunting... 

...I just pray to God this beast bites. 

Sophia Harding runs a tight ship. She may work in the dregs of housing association slums, but her patch is on the way up. 

Anti-social behaviour is down, employment is on the rise, and she's even been shortlisted for estate manager of the year. 

It's looking good. Really good. Until Callum Jackson completes his jail time and lands right back on her doorstep. 

She could do without a guy like him on her books: a failure of the system and a pain in the fucking ass. 

She should tick the boxes, do her job and keep her distance – that's what the handbook says. The handbook says no one-on-one contact, no at-risk situations, no direct confrontation of any kind. 

But the handbook doesn't know of her craving for hardcore submission. 

The handbook has no fucking idea how she yearns to unleash Jackson at club Explicit, where his savage can really run wild. 

The handbook doesn't know shit... 

Dirty Bad Strangers 

He calls me his dirty girl. 

He’s just a caller, a sex line client, an anonymous pervert like all the others. 

Except he isn’t. 

He’s under my skin… his voice, his laugh, his twisted fantasies. 

He wants to watch me with other men. Lots of other men. 

He wants me blindfolded and bound and taken by strangers until I’m a used-up mess. 

Then he wants to take me himself. 

I should hang up, report him to my supervisor. 

Jade West is a contemporary erotic author, real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. Her debut release, Dirty Bad Wrong, smashed into the Amazon top 100 in February 2015, followed by Dirty Bad Savage in June - an Amazon top 100 bestseller in 4 countries. Dirty Bad Strangers topped the erotica chart, reaching an impressive 13 overall in the US Kindle Store, and the latest tale of debauchery, Dirty Bad Secrets - returning to the heart of Club Explicit - releases December 2015.

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