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Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Blitz - Three MInutes to Happiness by Sally Clements

Three Minutes to Happiness (The Logans, Book Two)

by Sally Clements

Chick-lit/Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Categories: Comedy
Publisher: Sally Clements
Release Date: February 1, 2014
Word Count: 47,000
Heat Rating: Steamy


Photographer Valentine Jones doesn’t believe in love, but when her romantic friend Maggie drags her along to a speed dating event, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to architect Finn Logan. Against her better instincts, she ticks yes on her scorecard to seeing him again. He never calls.

Finn shouldn’t have flirted with Val at the speed dating event. He was there to chaperone his wayward niece, not find another girlfriend – he has two already. When he meets Val again at his cousin’s wedding, he tries to explain, and ends up kissing her instead.

Finn’s company need a photographer to nail an important contract, and Val needs the job. Before long, Finn has dissolved his harem, and persuaded Val into his bed. She’s all for a quick fling, but nothing more – a ruined marriage has taught her that love is an illusion. But Finn’s ruthless pursuit is making her change her mind, until the party at his parents’ house that changes everything…


Five questions were way too many to get through in three minutes. So for the next four singles Val mixed it up a bit, asking each of them different ones.

Unfortunately, the unspoken subtext seemed to be the same with all of them. It was as though they were all listening to a silent soundtrack inside their heads that consisted of ‘Let’s get it on’. As a result, she had nothing ticked on her scorecard. And from the numbers swelling the room, there must be another ten men still to go. She glanced around. Maggie was giggling, and quite a few of the women seemed to be going all out on the mating display.

Where’s a drink when you need one? Val puffed out a breath.

“Hi, I’m Finn.” A deep voice announced another candidate. Val’s head jerked front and center. And, as if someone had turned a dial, all sound in the room faded away.

Wow. The stranger before her had thick black hair, strong cheekbones, and a hard jawline. The eyes that met hers were deep emerald green. Val’s gaze dipped to his mouth that curved in a smile, forcing a dimple into one cheek. She swallowed. “I’m Val.” To her annoyance, her voice sounded husky.

He was wearing a heavy Aran sweater in dark blue. Acres of it covered a broad chest and huge shoulders. The man must be 6’4”—at least a foot taller than her anyway.

He pushed a hand through his hair. “So, I guess you’re going to tell me about yourself?” He actually looked bored at the prospect.

The hairs on Val’s arms stood to attention. If he was so bored, what the hell was he doing here? She pulled in her bottom lip and chewed it. Maybe it was just the prospect of whiling away three minutes with her.

She sat up straight. “I’ve been doing it differently,” she muttered. “I’m asking questions.”

His gaze flickered to the piece of paper she was holding. “You have a list?” One eyebrow rose.

“I have a list.” She nodded to make her point.

“And if I get all the answers right, I get your number?” Interest flickered in his eyes as he looked down at the paper, as if trying to read it upside down.

“Maybe.” Her answer was more than she’d given to any of the men she’d already met, but to be honest, he was the first one who had interested her.

His fingers flicked in a ‘bring-it-on’ gesture.

“Okay, first question.” She glanced down the list and picked number three. “Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?”

“Princess Leia.” His mouth twitched. “Next.”

“Take-out or restaurant?”

“Home cooked.” His eyelids half closed, lending a dangerously seductive quality to his face. “I grill a mean steak.”

Val rubbed a hand around the back of her neck. Is it hot in here?

“Disco dancing or waltzing?”

The dimple in his cheek made a brief appearance. “Neither. Can’t dance.”

She grinned. “You’re not very good at answering questions. These are two choice questions—you’re supposed to choose one.”

“Well, I’m pretty crappy at dancing, but if I had to choose one…”

“You do.”

“I’d go for waltzing. Or a slow shuffle so as not to show myself up.” His head tilted to the side. “Do I get to ask a question yet?”

They only had a minute or so left. And she had been monopolizing the time available. “I guess.”

Finn gazed at her mouth. Sparks seemed to crackle in the air between them, and attraction pulled the breath from her lungs at just that one, hungry look. “How many yeses have you ticked on your card?”

It seemed wrong to tell him, somehow, that none of the men so far had even sparked an ion of interest. But they hadn’t. She was here under false pretenses. Had no intention of finding a man tonight.

The thought of diving into the love pool after she’d almost drowned last time scared her witless. It was much safer standing on the side, if a little lonely.

“That’s sort of a personal question.” She crossed her arms and stared him down.

“I know.” He grinned. “But it’s the one I’m interested in knowing the answer to. And you only have seconds to answer it.”

“None.” There. It was out. She hadn’t chosen anyone to see again, and if that made her picky, so be it.

“Good.” He crossed his arms. “I haven’t said yes to anyone yet either.”

The bell rang.

He leaned forward and spoke in a deep whisper. “Tick yes to me. I haven’t finished with you yet.” 

About The Author

Sally Clements writes fun, sexy and real contemporary romance, partnering hot heros with heroines that know what they want, and go for it! 

She’s a voracious reader, and considers writing for a living the perfect job—the only downside is saying goodbye to her characters at book’s end!

Contact info:
Blog: Love and Chocolate -

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