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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review - Stolen: A Letter to my Captor - Lucy Christopher

A Review by JaHy

5++++++++ STARS***

I will begin by saying this isn't for everyone, in fact I wasn't certain it was a story for me. I am NOT a fan of overly descriptive material nor slow paced plot lines . This books is definitely both and what makes it so stunningly beautiful. It is such a simple story yet complex, full of glorious characters yet it is of 2 people really... black and white and yet vividly colorful...

Ty , Ty, Ty ,I LOVE HIM.

I know what his character did was wrong, there is no denying it BUT he DOES NOT and for good reason. To say Ty's delusional is an unfair statement in my humble opinion. He was brought up completely separated from society, he wasn't taught the difference between right and wrong by nurturing parents nor did he have any rules in which to follow. How can one fault him for that?. I CAN'T... Ty LIVED life, I mean really lived it. He appreciated things all of us take for granted. I loved the simplicity in which he surrounded himself, the beauty he found in the most minuscule of object. He was a pure soul that captivated this reader from page 1 to a week from now (if not longer).

Gemma... WOW, this character blew me away.

She too is breathtaking in her own right. For such a young character she had strength well beyond her years. When I grow up I hope to be strong as this character :-)

Not sure what else I can say without spoiling the story. This reader is left sad yet my heart is filled with color. Ty and Gemma have stolen a little piece of this readers heart.

Mrs. Lucy Christopher, your story's

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