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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review - My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Ep 7 - Marita A. Hansen

A Review by JaHy

****4 "BUILD ME UP" STARS***

Episode 7 was all about laying the foundation for future episodes... at least that how I interpreted it. Was it my favorite? No. Was it needed to keep the story evolving ? Most definitely . Am I happy where (I think) the story's going? HELL Yes and FUCK NO!.

The episodes starts off with Honey's POV.

I'm just going to come out and say it, "SHE ANNOYS ME." I'm not a fan of timid, reserved, gullible heroines and that's exactly what she is. In fact, Honey's in cahoots with Camilla so I can add moronic to my list of adjectives. I cannot for the life of me grasp what the HELL Alessandro sees in this chic.....**cough-cough** He deserves better..Nuff said.

Next we get Matteo's POV.
 photo 6f6ff0cc-6ba9-4a07-bacd-2079a9494f4d_zpsa9c41912.jpg
...Huh? the pic will make sense later, "Irene". **insert wicked grin here* Now, I know a lot of readers despise Matteo but I happen to love this witty character . Yes he's an arrogant, immature, selfish asshole but those traits are what make him so enjoyable week in and week out . Matteo had a few surprises this episode, one being the return of his favorite Uncle Christo. Christo, is another villain I'd probably be a fan of, IF weren't for the fact that he's Frano's strongest opponent and wants Frano swimming with the fishes. ...... OH'well, I can't like them all.

We get a glimpse into Frano& Rita/Sophia's past during Frano's POV.

This chapter which was of course my favorite. I enjoyed getting a sneak peek of their first meeting, it helped me understand these two have been thirsty for each other from the word "hello". Poor Frano had to bite down his lusty feelings for the lovely Sophia as she was a tad young ....AND his cousins girlfriend. I hope we get additional flashbacks from their past... Yeah, I want to read how Frano popped that cherry and put the smacketh down on little Miss. Firecracker.

... So I as I said in the beginning, nothing major happened in this episode but by no means was it not entertaining. I'm excited more than ever to see where the storyline is going....especially with Alessandro. What? He's an "interesting" man.......So here's to hoping all our nightmares includes lots of hot sex, stroking and even a few bubble bathes.
....... just sayin :-)

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