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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review - The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Anne Rice

Review By Jenna

2 Spanking Stars

Alright. Whew. Just finished this book last night. I really wanted to DNF it, but I held strong. Now I regret holding strong.... Guess it doesn't really matter though. 

I am giving this book 2.5 damaged-butt-nerve stars. The ONLY reason I am giving it this many is because this book was written almost 30 years ago (before I was born!!). The author actually had the BALLS (or buns) to write this in the early 80's. I am shocked by that actually. Bravo to her!

To be honest the book turned me on a bit for the 1st 10-15%. After that I cringed every time someone came around wielding a paddle. I love a good spanking but seriously, some of the people in the book HAD to have had some nerve damage due to all the spanking. Either that or skin would have fallen off or they would have broken their coccyx or SOMETHING. No one can get spanked that much without some serious damage done. In my humble opinion it was all just extremely overdone. 

Also, we read about another character than just Beauty who goes through some of the most HORRIFIC abuse. I don't even want to talk about it, it is that horrifying. That poor kid had to have some serious internal damage or infection or something too. Too much for me in that department as well. 

I will not be reading the 2nd book, but I really do feel I should applaud Anne Rice for having the guts to write this, I really do! Hopefully if you have written a different series it didn't contain so much spanking??

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