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Thursday, December 19, 2013


A Review By Wendy

4 Pet Training, Covert Ops, Future Love Interest, Heartbreaking Stars * * * *

When J.A. Huss created her series staring Rook and Ronin, she also provided us when another element... someone very special... someone who teased us... played with our affection and emotions... someone who could be very very dangerous while standing in place...

That someone is Ford. 

Ford is part of Ronin's past and now present. He is the producer of the biker show Rook has been a part of. He has taken Rook, shown her how to be independent, study, grasp all that she has wanted and to work to do it on her own. He saw in her all the hurt and torture she had endured and worked to make it safe for her to confront her memories and the realities of it safely.

Ford did all of these things for Rook and then made a life changing decision New Year's Eve.

We experience the days leading up to that monumental action in this novella.
It is Christmas Eve and Ford is just trying to make it through the day.

We see him with a pet, meet a long time connection and possibly witness another female fall under his spell. The day ends with the same ending of the book, Panic, yet every time I have read this passage, it becomes more intense, more beautiful, more powerful, more Ford.

Ford's full length book, Taut, will becoming out in January... I will be in a Ford induced haze awaiting its release.


About J.A. Huss

JA Huss is a SF and new adult romance junkie, has a love-hate relationship with the bad boys, and likes to write new adult books about people with real problems. She lives with her family on a small acreage farm in Colorado and has two donkeys named Paris and Nicole. Before writing fiction, she authored almost two hundred science workbooks and always has at least three works in progress. Her first new adult romance is called TRAGIC.
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