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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chasing Stars By L.Duarte

A Review By Wendy

3.5 Believing, Hopeful Stars * * *  */*

The Blurb:
As a pampered Los Angeles teen, Portia McGee once created a bucket list with her best friends Tarry and Niki. Though falling in love topped their list, it was the last thing she could ever imagine doing. Through the rejection of her parents, Portia learned early in life that love is elusive.
Now a famous and frivolous A-list actress, Portia has a Hollywood pedigree sealed in gold by a celebrity actress mother and New York mogul father. When Portia’s latest role requires an elaborate temporary tattoo, she meets Will, a gifted tattoo artist with a tortured past. The attraction is electric and immediate, but Will refuses to take the encounter to the next level—a decision Portia associates with the ring he so clearly wears on his wedding finger. Those old, familiar feelings of rejection take hold, and Portia now realizes that she must face the past in order to forge a new future. As their deep bond ignites in Portia an unexpected spirituality, can she finally free herself to once again chase the stars of her early days? Both richly glamorous and rich in meaning, Chasing Stars is a sparkling celebration of how faith and love can conquer even the most challenging of circumstances to uplift the human soul.


When I started reading this book I thought it would be a story of discovery; of how two lost 
people would find themselves through each other and then carry on. 

And it was... yet it was more than just that.
It examined how things are never what they seem.

How you can have money, fame and talent and be poor in family, caring and self worth. 

How you can experience unspeakable horrors, grasp for survival and still cling to the elusive concept of hope.

And it touched on how faith can hold all things together and show a way to be who you were meant to be...

This book has real characters which may have some questionable moments but who always make you want to root for them.

The added benefit of this tale was how the beauty of art, nature and the human spirit all came together. If you wish to spend sometime thinking about the big picture of life and what it could bring if you leave yourself open to hope, then take a afternoon and go Chasing Stars.

I received a copy from the author, in exchange for my honest review, which is the only kind I do :D 

I have found that there is only one thing better than reading, and that is writing. I am always torn between the two. I am also frequently torn between chocolate and coffee. However, I emphatically do not like the month of February, lies, and flies. For me, bravery is defined by the courage to do what we fear the most. This conviction is reflected in my debut work of romantic fiction, Chasing Stars. I live in Connecticut with my husband and two children. Drop a few lines. I would love to hear from you.

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