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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Dark Light of Day - T. M. Frazier


*****5 SHOCKED STARS*****

I just keep shaking my head wondering what to write because I know that I'm not going to get all my emotions I'm feeling through to you.  This story hit EVERY fucking nerve I have in my body.  I hated, cried, loved, blanched, wanted revenge, swooned - the list just goes on and on.

My heart bled for Abby for the childhood she went through with her parents and then again in foster care.  She had a past that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to survive through and she wore the scars on her body.  She was a freak in high school because of her withdrawn personality and because of hiding her scars.

All of a sudden Abby finds herself alone at 17 without a home, a guardian or money.  She decides to sleep in a junk yard where her grandmother's car was left and is found by Jake (a hired killer) who has just returned to help run the auto shop while his dad is on a drinking binge.  Jake immediately feels an attraction to Abby and continues to insert himself into her life.  He helps her get out of going into foster care by posing as her legal cousin and takes over custody.

During the time that Abby and Jake live together, they start to open up about their past and start to heal from the love of each other.  Until an unexpected job comes Jakes way and he has to leave for over a month.  Abby is left alone and her demons come back to haunt her.
When Jake returns he is met with some devastating information about Abby and leaves her stunned and heartbroken by the bridge.....

Will Abby survive without Jake?  What unexpected horrors await Abby?  Will Jake ever return?
This is definitely a book to pick up and read!!

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