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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stripped - Crystal Harms


****4 HOT Stars****
Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review

This book was a light and quick read.  I enjoyed the storyline and the HOT STEAMY man, EVAN!!

Oh yeah...Evan in this book was one sexy, romantic man (who still had a few flaws) but how he devoted his life to Kylie and Emma were just off the charts.

Kylie's husband, Brad, left her at age 19 with an infant. She had no idea where he was or when he may return.  She had nothing and was forced to take a job as a stripper.  About a year passes and one night during the show, she caught the eye of a beautiful stranger named Evan.  Evan was immediately hooked and used his money and power to find her.

They go through so many obstacles in their romance, including, Evan finding out that Kylie is still married; Brad showing up and wanting to continue their marriage; Evan's old flame, Alexis, being a bitch; Evan's parents disapproving of their relationship; etc

This book kept my attention throughout and didn't deter me from a few grammatical errors.

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