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Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Taken" - My Masters' Nightmare - Season 1, Episode 1 - Marita A. Hansen

***** 5 Sizzling Mafioso Kidnapped 
Stars *****

Author's note: Like a television series, this book series is broken up into seasons and episodes. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words long, with a new one coming out on average every 3 weeks until the first season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per season.

"Taken" is the first book to be released for this series and DAMN, can I tell you what a HOT and STEAMY ride this is going to be!!

The author has the ability to catch your attention on the first page and have you anticipating what is coming on the next - all the way up to the end!  What a masterful writer Marita is!

This book introduces us to the main players in the series where the premise of the book deals with an FBI agent and the Italian Mafia.

Rita Kovak
Rita, the FBI agent, is a vengeful widow looking for retribution to the murder of her husband from the D'Angelo family but specifically from Frano (the Don).  She volunteers for an undercover job in which she must be kidnapped and be trained by Jagger to become a "sex slave" for auction to the Black Russian.

Jagger D'Angelo
Jagger is the cousin to Frano and is the one who kidnaps and trains the women to be submissive for the sex slave auctions.  He is a HOT HOT HOT anti-hero but at first meeting he comes off as an arrogant asshole.  Deeper into the book, we learn that he has some major fucked up problems that stems from a priest in another mafioso family.  Wait till you read that messed up scenario!

Alberto D'Angelo
Look up "asshole sadist" in the dictionary and that is Alberto.  He is brothers with Frano and the brawn behind the operation.  There is bad blood between him and Jagger and he just loves to stir up trouble between his brother and Jagger.

Frano D'Angelo
Frano is the mastermind and head of the operation, including being a sick fuck on top of it.  When we first meet Frano he seems like a decent guy - soft spoken and empathetic to Rita --- but that changes instantly after the "bathtub" scene!

So, we have our character development in this book and this sets the stage for the soap opera of the FBI meets the Italian Mafia....Rita is set in place with revenge on her mind while Jagger begins his "mind-fucking" in order to train this sassy strong-willed girl.

Toward the end of the book, you start to question Jagger and his true intentions - there are times you feel sorry for him but then wonder if this is just a set-up in order to play his games with Rita. 

Who is the true Jagger?

And WTF was that cliffhanger?  Shit, just about gave me a heart attack with that one!!

Seriously, pick up this book and begin the mind fucked journey of Dark Romance with a twist toward Thriller.


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