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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Demarcation of Jack - Blakely and Dana Bennett

**** 4 Swinging Stars ****

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Publication date - November 7, 2013 do I start this review off?  This is way out of my normal genre of books but you know what?  I was pleasantly surprised after finishing this book.

The author had a way of having me absolutely HATE the circumstances in this book at first.  I cringed and started feeling jealous and rage against Summer and Jack, plus I got annoyed at Jenna for being so anal (no pun intended) and whiny.  But then I loved the way the author turned it all around so Jack and Jenna got what they deserved in the end (still no pun intended).  It takes a special kind of author to be able to take a main character and instill in the reader a feeling of anger and twist that into remorse and love.

Jack and Jenna
They are having problems in their marriage of 9 years and decide to take a vacation to Jamaica.  Jenna complains that Jack doesn't listen to her and makes decisions without confronting her first.  Be it, Jack invites friends of his, Summer and Marcus without running it by Jenna first.  Jenna tries to talk to Jack but he keeps telling her that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her without trying to fix their problems.  Jenna complains - Jack drinks, Jenna complains - Jack smokes a doobie, Jenna complains - Jack just ignores.

Summer and Marcus
Summer and Marcus have a carefree attitude about their lifestyle.  Summer is attracted to Jack along with his artistic and juvenile personality.  Marcus is also open minded and is more mature in their relationship - he tends to be more romantic and isn't afraid of showing it.  He feels an instant attraction to Jenna on a very deep level and feels that they could have a loving relationship together.
Jenna senses something is "off" about Summer and Marcus' marriage because of their open flirting with her and Jack and others.  It gets so thrown off kilter when Marcus kisses Jenna and she starts to feel attracted to Marcus, but then one night at the resort party, Jenna catches Summer kissing another man while Marcus watches and the truth finally comes out.

Summer and Marcus want to share a deep relationship with Jenna and Jack - it's not just about switching partners and having sex, it's about a deeper feeling of attraction and compatibility.  Jenna is floored by this and after sharing it with Jack, she really starts to doubt their marriage because Jack is gung-ho about switching up partners to do the nasty.  He keeps pressuring Jenna to give it a go and also pressures her to have sex with a female bartender even though she feels uncomfortable.

As Jenna opens up and starts to shed her introvert tendencies, she becomes like a flower and blossoms over all the male/female attendants at the resort.  Her and Marcus grow closer and closer while she works on her marriage with Jack and continues to reassure him that she loves him.  As Jenna opens.....Jack starts to close - yeah he's still all about the sex, but he starts to get agitated at the relationship between Marcus and Jenna......until......

Will Jenna have sex with Marcus?
Will it bother Jenna if Jack has sex with Summer?
Will Jenna fall more in love with Marcus than Jack?
Will Jenna and Jack's marriage withstand the stress of sharing partners?
Will Jenna shed her idiocies and go naked on the island?

Pick up a copy to have these and more questions answered about the torment Jack and Jenna deal with at the Jamaican resort!!

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