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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Fucked the Swamp Monster - Delilah Fawkes


**** 3 1/2 GILLY STARS ****

I'm not even going to review this book since Sammy did such a bang up (no pun intended) job (no, not hand job) with hers!

I included a link to her review so you can enjoy it just as much as I did!!

She reviewed the book from the Swamp Creature's POV - I'm gonna just say that on the opposite end of that coin....

If that was me naked and alone and I was suddenly suctioned off by my clit and made to cum while screaming out the National if that humongous green velvety shlong was swinging like a pendulum coming for me.......

What would I do???

I would GO FOR IT TOO!!!


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