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If you are a first time author and would like your book reviewed by one of us at StarAngels Reviews, Promo Stars is offering a FREE 1 day Book Blitz (please give at least 2 weeks for a date) along with your review. 

This is for you to get an idea of our services and see what we can do for you without having to pay for a trial run.

If you would like your book reviewed, along with a 1 day Book Blitz, just fill out this form and put in the comments section that you would like one of us to review your book!

**This does not include a review blitz/tour (only one of us will leave a review)**
**Please include a file of the book**
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Rating System

5 Stars - Fabulous!  I truly loved the book and everything about it.  I would highly    recommend it.
4 Stars - Great!  I enjoyed the book and it stuck with me.  I would recommend to others.

3 ½ Stars - Above Average ! I liked the book and it was good .  I would recommend others to try it out and make their own determinations.
3 Stars - Average!  The book was between good and “so-so”.  I got through it but it is a book that I can put down and not think about it.
2 Stars - Nothing to write home about!  I finished the book but my interest was not held.

1 Star - DNF (Did Not Finish) - I very rarely give this out but sometimes , I just need to stop.



  1. hi I would appreciate a review for my Paranormal Adult romance The Man In Blue, part of The Claudia Belle Series

  2. Hi Wendy!

    I'm Austine Martin, publicist for BlackBear Media.” I LOVED your review of Neanderthal Seeks Human,” especially the way the character’s inner mind functions and the depth of her friendships. I’m confident (well, as confident as I ever get) that you'll really like "The Cinderella Blues."

    Kat is a female Walter Mitty, a young professional who uses work, Romance novels, and intense fantasies to avoid facing a forgotten secret (which I won't spoil). There are princes, both handsome and froggy, trolls, a ghostly fairy godmother, the ultimate modern Cinderella moment, and good friends who are real, funny people. Oh, and yes, it's funny.

    "Cinderella is every little girl's first romance novel, at least where the heroine is awake for most of the story." ~ Kat Young

    If it sounds like fun, email me at and I’ll send you a review copy in whatever format you prefer.


  3. Hi Carol

    I'm an author based in India seeking a review of my novel, The Erotic Muse, which I'd broadly describe as erotic horror with a coming-of-age story at its core.

    Blurb: 'The Erotic Muse' is the story of K, a young porn-addicted college-dropout who shies away from relationships and harbors dreams of becoming a writer. Full of anguish, he is given to self-abuse. One evening, while masturbating to his favorite erotic muse, Fanny Leone, sprawled on the cover of an underground porn magazine, K finds himself magically transported to a parallel world where all sexual desires and perversions are fulfilled, although with the price that he might remain trapped in this unique pleasure-hell all his life – unless he can find a way out. This 'way out' is his redemption, a journey studded with heart-stopping adventure, life-threatening danger, nerve-wracking horror, and a brush with true love.

    Goodreads link to The Erotic Muse:

    Amazon link:

    If the book interests you, drop me a message at and I'll promptly send a free copy in mobi/epub/pdf format.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Rajeev Singh