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If you are a first time author and would like your book reviewed by one of us at StarAngels Reviews, Promo Stars is offering a FREE 1 day Book Blitz (please give at least 2 weeks for a date) along with your review. 

This is for you to get an idea of our services and see what we can do for you without having to pay for a trial run.

If you would like your book reviewed, along with a 1 day Book Blitz, just fill out this form and put in the comments section that you would like one of us to review your book!

**This does not include a review blitz/tour (only one of us will leave a review)**
**Please include a file of the book**
**Invites will not go out for this event, instead my All Event Hosts (approx 125) will post your blitz**
**You will receive an invitation to view a list of URL's of the direct links of the bloggers**

Rating System

5 Stars - Fabulous!  I truly loved the book and everything about it.  I would highly    recommend it.
4 Stars - Great!  I enjoyed the book and it stuck with me.  I would recommend to others.

3 ½ Stars - Above Average ! I liked the book and it was good .  I would recommend others to try it out and make their own determinations.
3 Stars - Average!  The book was between good and “so-so”.  I got through it but it is a book that I can put down and not think about it.
2 Stars - Nothing to write home about!  I finished the book but my interest was not held.

1 Star - DNF (Did Not Finish) - I very rarely give this out but sometimes , I just need to stop.


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  1. hi I would appreciate a review for my Paranormal Adult romance The Man In Blue, part of The Claudia Belle Series