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If you are a first time author and would like your book reviewed by one of us at StarAngels Reviews, Promo Stars is offering a FREE 1 day Book Blitz (please give at least 2 weeks for a date) along with your review. 

This is for you to get an idea of our services and see what we can do for you without having to pay for a trial run.

If you would like your book reviewed, along with a 1 day Book Blitz, just fill out this form and put in the comments section that you would like one of us to review your book!

**This does not include a review blitz/tour (only one of us will leave a review)**
**Please include a file of the book**
**Invites will not go out for this event, instead my All Event Hosts (approx 125) will post your blitz**
**You will receive an invitation to view a list of URL's of the direct links of the bloggers**

I apologize but the blog is swamped with reviews from the free blitz offer and we can't accept requests through the form.

If you would like to ask one of my reviewers to take a look at your book, you can email the synopsis and request to either:

Wendy - (she likes romance and sweet contemporary)

Diane - (she likes stories of billionaires and erotica)

Rating System

5 Stars - Fabulous!  I truly loved the book and everything about it.  I would highly    recommend it.
4 Stars - Great!  I enjoyed the book and it stuck with me.  I would recommend to others.

3 ½ Stars - Above Average ! I liked the book and it was good .  I would recommend others to try it out and make their own determinations.
3 Stars - Average!  The book was between good and “so-so”.  I got through it but it is a book that I can put down and not think about it.
2 Stars - Nothing to write home about!  I finished the book but my interest was not held.

1 Star - DNF (Did Not Finish) - I very rarely give this out but sometimes , I just need to stop.


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