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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Shenanigans (Brooklyn #6) by Sarina Bowen

 A Review by Wendy

5 No One Does It Better Stars
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Spoiler Free

Yup, Sarina Bowen did it again. She has created a series, made it addictive, and hasn't "Jumped The Shark" at all. She continues to make each and every entry unique, interesting, flirty, and also brings human issues we all can understand to the forefront. Thank You!

So at the end of the last entry to this series, I had a taste or feel that Charli and Neil could be the next couple.
Each had an instant reaction to the other, each was very different than the other, and each was their own person, doing what they loved even if it was difficult.

Neil looks as if he has a perfect life. He is talented, part of a winning NHL, and happens to be an heir with unlimited financial means. He should be happy and enjoying all the benefits of his life...and he does to a degree, yet his own family thinks of him as a flake and gives all of his accomplishments no credit or values. What he does and loves will never equal coming to work for the family's companies and marrying the appropriate person.

Charli is someone who has had to work for everything she has acquired. It was her early hockey talent that got her the scholarship to the quality private school she went to. Hockey was always key but it did not stop the ugly that comes with being the scholarship kid in class. It was a good thing Charli developed her thick skin and honed her hockey talent.

All of the past brought her to the new Brooklyn Bombshells women’s team. She is skating with a group of women who have all had to deal with the financial hardships of playing hockey, loving it and, willing to make the sacrifices.

So when this women's team wins their first All-Stars competition, Charli decides to let her hair down a bit. It happens to coincide with Neil breaking up once and for all his long time on again off again girlfriend. Neil and Charli, friends end up getting very drunk, and naturally, those Las Vegas Cliche things happen.

Nope, no surprise bun in the oven...but there is an ugly ring, legal documents, and a missed team plane ride that must be fixed. Neil and Charli both agree this "mistake" needs to be fixed. The only problem is some drunken actions keep filtering into the minds of both...and man they were really good.

This story had all the trademark moments I love with Sarina Bowen's books. Each person was strong on their own, each had their own issues and needed to deal with them, and when they did deal with what needed to be realized, it was all good.

A winner in my book.

Sarina Bowen is the twenty-time USA Today bestselling author of three dozen books, including: the True North series, and Brooklyn Hockey. She's the co-author of Him/Us and the WAGs series with Elle Kennedy. She's the author of The Ivy Years series, and more!
Are you looking for a friends-to-lovers story or maybe even a secret baby book? You can read a list of Sarina's books broken out by trope and style.



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