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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

On The Honey Side (Blum's Bees #2) by Staci Hart

A Review by Wendy

4.5 Oh, How I Love This Series Stars
* * * * 1/2

 Spoiler Free-A Quick Review

This continuing series by Staci Hart is a true delight. It started with a fight of power between one of the Blum sisters and the all-knowing developer. Little did either realize their conflicts would end in the most fun way.

Now we are there for the second Blum sister to be the focus of the one man she thinks would NEVER-EVER-BE-CONNECTED to her!

This is the tale that takes us through all the steps of two people who soon discover they might have more in common than they thought...the love of their community, their want to do what is right for those who need a helping hand, and an understanding that maybe they are two of a kind.

What a delight.

As a four-eyed nerd with a bad perm, I was no one’s dodgeball pick, but I had a lot of friends. Frodo and Bilbo, for instance. Kristy, Stacey, Claudia and the gang (iykyk). Once, in the third grade, I wrote a teen murder mystery inspired by Christopher Pike. On solving my mystery in twelve pages, I decided I was a terrible writer and should never, ever do that again.

Fortunately, I didn’t take my own advice.

I write romance for that feeling you get at the end, like you’re standing on top of a mountain with a backpack full of hundred dollar bills. I write romcoms because is there anything better than banter and grand gestures? I write because I love to create and I love words. I love books, and I love stretching my imagination. I love love, and if you do too, bring your coffee and have a seat. I think we’re gonna be friends.


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