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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Hauling Ashe (Road Trips & Romance) by L.B. Dunbar

A Review by Wendy

 4.5 Only L.B. Dunbar Could Stars
* * * * 1/2  

Spoiler Free-A Quick Review

It takes an author with a special talent and life experience to be able to write certain stories. I happen to be of the opinion that L.B. Dunbar has shown time and time again the ability to bring her understanding of mature love to the masses.

As the population ages, it has been so important for them not to feel forgotten. It is so easy to ignore those who have lived a bit and experienced life. Especially those who are women. Men seem to be able to still be the focus no matter what age group matched with age gap troupes. But when it comes to women...only if certain circumstances are there, are they able to find love. Dunbar breaks those barriers and gives us equals on this playing field of love. Thank you.

With Hauling Ashe, we get a woman who is about to embark on a road trip to see the country but more importantly, to find herself.
She has been released from a marriage that ended and it is now her turn to discover all the things she never had the time to do. She is feisty, sassy, and fun. She is also no-nonsense and brave.

The counterpoint of this woman is a grumpy, demanding man who is used to people jumping and performing his wishes when he speaks. His daughter is getting married and due to a no-flying phobia, the refusal to take a train, and the arranged driver canceling at the last moment, it becomes a fateful connection causing these two to become road trip partners.

This forced trip opens all sorts of opportunities for them to discover and be surprised by how they work together. Each pushes certain buttons, each learns more about each other and themselves, causing walls to come down and hearts to open. All with the delicate hand of L.B. Dunbar's guiding them.


L.B. Dunbar has an over-active imagination. To her benefit, such creativity has led to over thirty romance novels, including those offering a second chance at love over 40. Her signature works include the #sexysilverfoxes collection of mature males and feisty vixens ready for romance in their prime years. She’s also written stories of small-town romance (Heart Collection), rock star mayhem (The Legendary Rock Stars Series), and a twist on intrigue and redemption (Redemption Island Duet). She’s had several alter egos including elda lore, a writer of romantic magical realism through mythological retellings (Modern Descendants). In another life, she wanted to be an anthropologist and journalist. Instead, she was a middle school language arts teacher. The greatest story in her life is with the one and only, and their four grown children. Learn more about L.B. Dunbar by joining her reader group on Facebook (Loving L.B.) or subscribing to her newsletter (Love Notes).


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