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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Target: The Girl (Emily Calby, #3) by Dorian Box

 A Review by Wendy

5 Everything I Could Want And More Stars
* * * * *

 Spoiler Free And Yes, I Gave Up Sleep, Again!

I love when I fall hard for characters and the authors that write them. It happens when the crafting, stories, and the details in the stories are so strong, you feel like you know these people. When it happens with a Mystery/Thriller type, I become obsessed and will read in basically one sitting. Life's responsibilities will be put aside if possible, and I will be in my happy place.

The first time this happened with a Dorian Box novel was with The Hiding Girl (Emily Calby, #1). It then happened again with The Girl in Cell 49B (Emily Calby, #2). I sang my praises about these books and the author. I had always hoped another book would be coming but life goes on and you know how that goes.

And then I got the most wonderful email, an invitation to read Target: The Girl (Emily Calby, #3). I dropped everything and I am so glad I did.

Emily Calby is now twenty and beginning her first year at law school.
We are with her every step of the way, experiencing her awkwardness with others due to her past history, her intelligence with her insight into the law and how it works, her attempt to assist her professors with mixed results, and her gut instincts that something isn't quite right where she lives.

Oh the tale, we get. We have Lucas, Emily's surrogate father figure since she was twelve, we get others who have been there for Emily in the past, and new people who play a part in her new environment.

Was this totally, totally perfect, almost. For me, what was so special was how Dorian Box kept the interest going until the very end of the tale. Yes, please, please give me more.

This can be read without the other books, however, they are so strong and worth your time, I would read them if possible. (Hint Hint, They are Kindle Unlimited...Just Sayin')



Dorian Box is an award-winning author and former law professor. His nonfiction books include an Amazon Editors' Favorite Book of the Year. In fiction, he likes to blend dark themes with heart, hope, and humor.
His novels have received awards from Publishers Weekly, Writer's Digest, IndieReader, Readers' Favorite, Feathered Quill,, and the National Indie Excellence Awards.
In his academic life, Box won numerous awards for both teaching and research and wrote thousands, possibly millions, of scholarly footnotes. He's been interviewed as a legal expert by National Public Radio, the PBS Newshour, the New York Times, and many other sources.
Dorian lives out his childhood rock star fantasies playing in cover bands that earn tens of dollars sweating it out until two a.m. in dive bars.


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