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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Starlight (Speakeasy Taproom #7) by Christine DePetrillo

    A Review by Wendy
4 Woof, Woof Special Stars
* * * *  
Spoiler Free
There happens to be something very special about this Speakeasy Taproom Series, in my opinion. All of the books I have read so far focus on real challenges that happen in the real world. Things all of us can relate to. We have people recovering from stress or heartbreak, we have those who made serious mistakes, had to do the punishment, and now are trying to start anew, and we have parents who are handling the loving care needed for the children they are bound to, some with issues of their own. This take on romance with realism is a huge bonus because it shows us ways to cope and also a means to enjoy happy endings.

We have a woman who has devoted her life to raising dogs who assist those in need. Primarily, she works with children and these dogs become more than just a means to assist, they become everything to them. She is excellent in her work and all who are lucky enough to have one of her service dogs know it. She also is a talented jazz singer and when she is not waiting tables at the Speakeasy, she also sings her smooth jazz a couple of nights a week.

Our fella is a man who has felt pain. He loves his adopted son, stays the course for him, now that the boy's mom has passed, only gives himself time to work as a stonemason and maybe have a beer once in a while with a friend. No interest in women, they have only caused pain.

These two happen to connect at the Speakeasy...He was surprised as hell that his interest woke up and she decided to indulge with a little after-hours fun. It was only supposed to be a crazy one night for each...

But in BOOK LAND, we all know how that never happens. This has heart and caring, wonderful dogs and our much wished for HEA.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Christine DePetrillo can often be found hugging trees, conversing with dragonflies, and walking barefoot through sun-warmed soil. She finds joy in listening to the wind, bathing in moonlight, and breathing in the fragrances of things that bloom. If she had her way, the sky would be the only roof over her head.
Her love of nature seeps into every story she tells. As does her obsession with bearded mountain men who build, often smell like sawdust, and know how to cherish the women they love. Today she writes tales meant to make you laugh, maybe make you sweat, and definitely make you believe in the power of love.
She lives in Vermont with her husband and cat who defend her fiercely from all evils. 


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