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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Footnote (Busy Bean #9) by Alexa Gregory

 A Review by Wendy

3 Understanding Your Personal Pain Stars
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Possible Triggering Issues

Over the years, I have learned so much about many serious issues while reading romance. I happen to think authors using the genre of romance to highlight issues confronted in our Real Life is a strong way to educate. In my mind, if a story can open the eyes, minds, and hearts to any number of illnesses, physical and/or mental, then it has done its job.

Alexa Gregory alerted her readers, Footnote, had special meaning to her as it mirrored part of her experience with her own issues of eating. She suggested those who may be going through ED issues might need to wait to read this as she had no desire to trigger. By sharing this warning, she gave them the ability to make up their own minds.

We are presented with a story of two people who both had a history of pain as children. Each had lost a parent due to illness and how it impacted them. They were teens and became close friends, understanding each other, and in a moment a kiss happened.

Unfortunately, right after that, our girl, Sasha, was ripped from the only home she knew, with the mom moving them away. This left our fella, Penley confused and hurt.

Years go by, each carrying feelings for the other, but with no way to act on them. Now, Sasha is back and so is Penley. He is a vet, has a son, and coming back here was due to the mother's job. Penley loves his kid and would live anywhere to be close to him.

Sasha is temporarily working at the Busy Bean. She has taken a year off from getting her graduate degree to straight with her recovery. She is going to counseling, thinks by being in this specific environment is the ultimate test of her strength and resolve. Living with her mother would be the challenge as every trigger would be tested. This was the plan.

Both of these past friends never expected to see each other. When it happens at the Busy Bean, all bets are off. All the old feelings start to brew. Eventually, they talk, share what has been going on and the friendship is right back where it was...with the undercurrent for maybe more.

Sasha has been open with Penley, sharing her past, which was good, as Penley truly cares for Sasha. For a new beginning, both are trying to be there for each other.

What does happen is the pull of triggers and past habits Sasha has had, the ones she has been fighting so hard. Instead of confronting them and working through it with Penley, she runs. In the end, the strength of their love saves the day.

This book works to highlight all the ups and downs of dealing with these types of issues. It shows there will be victories and sometimes lows but if the people who matter support you then things can always go forward. Patience with others and yourself is key.

The phrase write what you know has been advice given to those who wish to tell a story. I think this author was very brave to do this and hopefully, those who may have others dealing with something like these characters found this helpful.


 Alexa GregoryAlexa Gregory


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