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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Reckless Match (Ruthless Rivals, #1) by Kate Bateman

A Review by Wendy 

  4.5 It Is The Conflict That Delights Stars
* * * * 1/2

 Spoiler Free-A Quick Review

I discovered Kate Bateman in 2019 and fell hard for her writing. She took me on a journey I was happy to go on. When I saw this was coming, I jumped on it.

Maddie Montgomery's family and Gryffud “Gryff” Davies', Earl of Powys family have been enemies since the beginning of time...No seriously, since the beginning of when families held land and fought over it. The rumor was the fight that has been going on for centuries was over a pig. One family thought the other stole it and refused to accept another as even trade. The other rumor was more intense, meaning it was a fight over a woman. There was no actually knowing but the dye was cast. Montgomery hated the Davis and visa versa.

It got so bad, it took a royal decree that a strip of land between the two manors was to be shared. Every solstice it was deemed that a representative of each family met in a certain spot, shake hands, and agree to the truce. If one of the families does not show, then the strip of shared land will revert to the family that was there.

This year having the Davis family Not show was the real hope of Maddie Montgomery.
Maddie's father was a victim of stock fraud and now he is in trouble with all the creditors and worrying he will not be able to save the family home and reputation. Unfortunately, there is a disgusting older man who wants to marry Maddie and has named a price he will pay for her. Although it is tempting for the father to say yes, he loves his independent daughter and will not force her.

Which leaves Maddie at the bridge waiting and hoping her nemesis, Gryff does not show up. If he doesn't then all of their prayers will be answered. The land probably has coal mines for the taking and other riches to save them.

Gryff and Maddie have been at each other since childhood. Gryff then saw how lovely Maddie was starting to grow. He loved teasing her and although he has the reputation of a rogue since returning from the war, he has always loved sparing with Maddie. He has been in London so she has reason to think he may not show, but show he does.

Damn, the blasted man showed up and has the nerve to be as handsome and broad as she remembered. They both say a few words and then it is time for the shaking of hands, however, something causes Gryff to kiss Maddie instead. Well, that was not expected and both are a little stunned by it. She does not slap him as she should have and he would like more from her.

This is the beginning of these two crossing paths and then becoming friends first and then more. There is suspense, action, the need to protect each other, and a very happy ending. Also, each family has siblings and those siblings have hidden feelings for the other. I think this series is off to a solid start. 

Kate Bateman


Also writes as K.C. Bateman


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