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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Homecoming (Speakeasy Taproom #3) by Rebecca Norinne

A Review by Wendy
 4 The New Fake Is Real Stars
* * * *  

Spoiler Free-A Quick Review

Rebecca Norinne's take on the True North/Taproom Series was Right On. She got all of the feels, all of the interconnected characters happening, and gave a story we could all enjoy. We are given Preston and Rosie.

Preston comes from an icky family, one that wants what it wants and doesn't listen to Preston.
His engagement recently ended and Preston needed to get away. He does this by renting Gloria's carriage house. Gloria, a very sweet but sometimes intrusive neighbor, and mom of Rosie, only has the best of intentions. She has fed and cared for Preston over the past months while sharing her dislike for her daughter's husband and the frustrations of her being out in California. All these stories about Rosie haven't made Preston think too much of the woman.

When he discovers the woman who gobsmacked him visually, made him remember he had manly parts below the belt turns out to be the infamous Rosie...he doesn't know what to think. She has left her husband and moved in with her mom.

The main joke is Gloria knows exactly what to think, do, and does. This pushing and hinting of what they should be doing cause them to pretend they are a thing rather than just the friends they have started to be.

The story is cute, reads fast, and is very engaging. 

 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.



USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Norinne writes sexy romance from the heart. When not banging away at the keyboard, she is watching rugby, playing board games, or drinking a pint of craft beer.

Originally from California, she now resides in New England with her husband and two cats where she is renovating a house built in the 1700s and trying valiantly not to be eaten alive by mosquitos.

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