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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Forever Never by Lucy Score

A Review by Wendy

4.5 You Are Worthy Stars
* * * * 1/2 

Spoiler Free

Since I have read romance, one of the main conflicts presented is the idea that one of the partners feels they aren't worthy of the other. There is something in the past, maybe not even of their doing that has caused this feeling of not being able to fully love the other person. It can cause so much pain and misunderstandings...and reflects so much of Real Life.

Lucy Score took this concept and gave us the ultimate look at how this feeling can tie up a man for he had a love and need for a woman but always stopped himself from acting on his intense feelings.
On the flip side, the woman causing all of this need and conflict always had feelings for this man but every time something might have finally happened between them...Walls were erected and hurt was inflicted.

Now I am not going to tell you any more about this book because I went into it pretty cold and let me tell you...

DAMN...These two people are combustible, even when there isn't anything happening. All they have to do is look at one another and the heat comes off the kindle. When things finally come together for them, get ready to have a man who knows what he wants and a woman willing to give him everything. Be prepared...these two are intense and very active once the barriers down.

There is more to the story than just this major connection between two people. There is a woman who needs to escape from an abusive relationship, there are families and their pasts, and the dynamics of parents/husbands and wives. There is so much for every reader.

I happened to be captured and into the book from the very beginning, hopefully, you will be too.


Lucy is a Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon Kindle Store bestseller of romantic comedies and contemporary romance. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania with a lot of time on her hands and a big imagination. She was the oldest of three in a book-obsessed household. Dinners were often spent in silence while family members had their noses buried in books. A passion for writing took hold at five when she taught her brother to write his name on the bathroom door.

She started writing (on paper) in the second grade, first about pilgrims on the Mayflower and over the years graduated to essays, articles, blogs, and finally books. "Pretend You're Mine" was her runaway hit and she's been writing full-time ever since.

Non-romance-writing jobs have included event planner, bartender, newspaper lackey, and yoga instructor.

Lucy and Mr. Lucy, enjoy spending time with their 1.7 million nieces and nephews and laying on beaches with umbrella drinks.


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