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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Take A Number by Amy Daws


A Review by Wendy

4 Ready To Stand In Line Stars
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Spoiler Free

I love a story that has likable characters who we have had the opportunity to see before their own stories. I'm a sucker for loosely connected books. Amy Daws has written these types of books for a while now and when you start them, you have that immediate recognition of who these people are and you are all in.

Now you do not have to read the other books to have the full experience of each book. That is the beauty of them, however, they are so engaging and fun, the reading of one will make the reading of all the others a thing, like Must See TV, like back in the day.

In Take A Number, you have quote Two Opposites unquote. But in reality, not really.

Norah Donahue learned from her mother how to bake, cook, and make things tasty.
When she sold her first box of cookies that she made herself, that was it. She was a baker and knew that was what she wanted to do for her career. She went to culinary school, learned what worked and what didn't, and then started her path to finally opening her own bakery.

Norah was creative, skilled, and came up with a unique way of doing a croissant/donut that was different than the well-known Cronut. She figured it out, made it amazing, and now is in the process of owning a second bakery with the projections of starting a franchise.

Not Too Shabby! Unfortunately, Norah's mother discounts what Norah is doing with her life; she doesn't consider the bakery and business on the level she should and is only focused on getting grandchildren. This is a continual conflict they have.

Norah hasn't had any time for relationships, she doesn't want one. She has done everything 24/7 for her business and the success of it will be enough.

Dean Moser is a man who knows how to have a good time. At least he use to. His best friends, Kate and Lynsey, are partnered off and on the marriage track. He misses the times they all would go out, him looking out for them. Lately, they have been concerned about Dean and who he has been dating. The women have been young and a bit of a lightweight.

Dean didn't mind the easy, no real commitment hookups. Everyone knew what was what and it was more of a release than anything else. But lately, something has been missing.

What hasn't been missing is his morning routine of going to Norah's bakery and having his necessary croinut. He has stopped working from his hedge fund office and takes up a table instead. Yes, this ritual is as necessary as breathing for Dean because it also allows him to play/flirt with uptight Norah. He learned of Norah's plans to open another branch of her shop in Denver and decided to invest as a silent partner. This idea to become a franchise is going to be huge and anything he could do to assist Norah was something he was into.

These two go through the daily flirt and play with one little interruption from Norah's mom one day. She is hellbent on having Norah start up a relationship with an old high school kid who is back in town. Norah wants nothing to do with him. Dean sees Norah's distress and goes to talk with her. He learns there is a 40th-anniversary party and her mother is going to make her go with this guy...Dean is there, listening to how she doesn't want any relationships at all and before you know it, a deal is done.

She will be his fake date to the upcoming wedding of his friend and he will be her fake date to the family party.

Perfect should work out great. Especially since Norah will have a list of rules they must follow.


Well from what I just shared, of course, every rule is broken. Both these terrific people end up being surprised to have feelings for each other. Both of them were good people, both had hangup brother on from their upbringing, and both had major arc growths.

The chemistry worked, Dean was so much fun and sweet. You just rooted for everyone.
This was a happy addition to this group of books and I have in my mind who I think is next...he needs a nanny...and you know where that always goes, he he. 



Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 13 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England; especially those footy-playing Harris Brothers of hers. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance.

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