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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Want You to Want Me (Want You #2) by Lorelei James

 A Review by Wendy
3.5 Breaking Down Assumptions Stars
* * * 1/2
 Spoiler Free
This is part of the Lorelei James Galaxy of her many series. When James puts her mind to it, all the books flow.

This is the second entry to the Want You series. This has Nolan, the future CEO of Lund Industries and past Olympic Hockey player Gabriella "Gabi" Welk.
These two have been crossing paths due to the past connections from friends and family. There is no love lost between them due to a combination of things. Nolan, thinking he was doing something good, took Gabi for a drink after she had been dumped by a past boyfriend. He overheard it happening and asked her out as a way to be supportive.

Unfortunately, while at the bar, Gabi overhears Nolan saying some unflattering things about her. Bam, Gabi decides fine, that is who he is, she doesn't need it.

These two cross paths again at a family gathering and Gabi, the strong woman she is, calls Nolan out on what she heard. What is important is Nolan sincerely apologizes and from there, they have a fresh start. Soon they start texting and learning more about who they really are. When Gabi needs help for an important meeting, Nolan is the one she turns to.

This story worked and also let us think there may be more to the series.

 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Lorelei James is New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances. She lives in western South Dakota.

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