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Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Duplicate Bride by Ginny Baird

A Review by Wendy
 4 Discovering Unexpected Love Stars
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 Spoiler Free
We have seen movies of how twins switch and those who know them never figure it out. Now I don't know if that is true but we who are not twins, have had a curiosity about them. I mean, there is this unique bond that is very special.

Ginny Baird took that idea as well as the marriage of convenience trope for The Duplicate Bride. Just imagine sisters who are so very different. One is career-driven, successful with it, physically active, and has an aversion to carbs. The Other is happier in her own skin, loves teaching math, is excellent at it, and never met a carb she didn't love.

These women are complete people and have their own lives.
So when Hope's sister Jackie, the expert wedding planner for the rich and famous, begs her to pretend to be her for just one day at the week's gatherings at her fiancée family estate, she says absolutely not. Jackie is having a huge problem with an important wedding and cannot leave on time. Jackie starts to beg.

Yes, Hope admits they did it when they were little, and yes, Jackie saved Hope's skin back in high school but still, it is a hard no. Jackie finally pulls the fiancée's grandmother is mean card, of how she was to her making her feel like she hated her and made her feel less than.

Hope felt bad but still said nope, no can do. So Jackie finally agreed and said she would let Brent know she was not going to be there on time for the week.

Brent is nervous and kind of excited to see this wedding to take place. He crossed paths with Jackie and the two of them seemed to be on the same page at the right time of their lives. He needed to "settle down" and Jackie was as career-driven as him. In the long run, Brent felt all would fall into place.

Well as with these types of situations, nothing ever goes as planned...Hope with every intention to make it know she was Hope, not her Sister, is immediately greeted so warmly by Brent's mother. Then the "mean Grandmother" made a very unattractive remark about Jackie actually being there.

Oh No, She Didn't...Hope was not going to allow her to diss her sister and get away with it. Then Brent comes to the car, "sees Jackie", and pulls her into a hug. All of the family was welcoming and the dye is cast.

Hope is stuck being Jackie for at least this day. She will be the best "Jackie" she can be to help her sister blend better and put that grandmother in the plus column and swing her to her side.

This was an engaging book with all of the inner thoughts Hope was having about Brent and Brent about Hope. We knew something was going to happen but we read fast to keep seeing what it was. Along the way, real feelings start to happen to the confusion for Hope but the thrill for Brent.

I was glued to the pages until the end wanting everything to work for the best for this unique couple. This was a little different than the usual romance and was worth my time.

 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird writes sweet contemporary romance with a dash of humor and a whole lot of heart. She has a new book out from Hallmark Publishing (An Unforgettable Christmas) and an upcoming romantic comedy with Entangled Publishing (The Duplicate Bride) in late 2020. Visit Ginny’s website to learn more about her and her books.


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