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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Unbreakable (Cloverleigh Farms #4) by Melanie Harlow

 A Review by Wendy 
4 Timing is Everything Stars
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Spoiler Free

We live our lives with good intentions. We think we marry the man who will be there for us, love us and make us feel as safe with him as he feels with us. We work to create a family, have amazing children and things should fall into place...But there is no guarantee all the devotion and work towards these goals come to be our HEA...Instead we get disinterest, betrayal, and abandonment.

This is what happened to Sylvia Sawyer.
She married, did everything she thought was right and ended up being part of the awful cliche of the husband finding a young salesgirl from J.Crew, dumping her while getting the new one pregnant before the divorce papers were given to her.

And the worst was that the pretend friends she had known knew all along what was up and never clued her in. The ex then left her to handle all of the upheavals this did to their children. Well, when Sylvia was forced to attend a country club brunch with all of these backstabbers, she finally tells them all "What For in Only The Best Way...and then drops the mike".

Sylvia does have a plan, though. She is taking her kids back to where there are happy memories and a place to start fresh. Growing up at Cloverleigh Farms was the best. There she had her parents and sisters who loved her. This is where she feels her children will be able to handle all the pain that is happening and come through it in one piece.

Henry DeSantis has been living his own divorce hell. He thought he was in a marriage that would be for the rest of his life. At least that was what he had hoped for...a a loving wife, kids, pets, the whole ball of wax. Instead, Mother Nature decided to play a very mean trick and make having kids with his wife an impossible task. No IVF worked and even though Henry was fine with adoption, his wife said no. Their "Failure" became a wall they couldn't break between them and his wife left him.

Now Henry devotes himself to his job at the winery even more than before...and he worked crazy hours before. He doesn't want to come back to his empty home. Plus he loves what he does, creating wines, nursing the vines and making sure the farm is on track for the upcoming years.

When Henry sees that Sylvia is back at the farm, he remembers she was married and had two kids. He is reintroduced to her and they start a conversation about what is happening at the farm. They both share their situations. There is an unspoken understanding of how hard the divorces were.

What starts as a normal interaction with another person soon develops into something Henry hasn't felt in a very long time. A woman who is actually interested in what he is talking about. Sylvia paid attention and was in the moment with him as he explained about the wines. She showed interest and wanted to learn more. This brought Henry feelings he hadn't felt in a long, long time...

Sylvia was stunned, too. She hadn't had a man look at her the way Henry she was worth his time and interest. She put it off as her just being raw from all that has been happening. But at the same time, it stayed in the back of her mind.

Henry and Sylvia develop a friendship that is good for both of them but it has this undercurrent of desire. Sylvia knows Now Is Not The Time. She needs to be focused on her kids who are having their own issues with the divorce. She needs to stay focused on what is good for them.

But doesn't she deserve something that makes her feel good...real and wanted...

Melanie Harlow wrote a wonderful story about how divorce impacts a family, all of them. How children of different ages act out and to handle their fears. How to start a new life understanding the insecurities and rise above them.

She gave us two people who were perfect for each other. I loved Henry from the start. He was solid and sexy. He was exactly what Sylvia needed and she gave him his sense of who he was back. Sylvia was a woman who found herself, loved her kids and juggled her emotions about all that happened. When she was with Henry she bloomed. She also was there for the tough times with her children and figured out how to handle any mistakes made.

This has been a winning series and I think the next installment is going to be an angsty one...I see a book about April coming in my crystal ball.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

USA Today bestselling author of sweet and sexy romance. Lover of cocktails, high heels, and history with the naughty bits left in. Michigan girl. INTJ. Always seeking


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