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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Make Me Yours by Tia Louise

A Review by Wendy
5 All In Stars
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Spoiler Free

So if you follow my reviews, you would know by now I am a serious Tia Louise Reader. I have bonded with her like a little baby bird. She hits all of the right notes for me. She gives me complete characters who seem at first easy yet as the story progresses...we see their flaws and insecurities. She gives solid plots and excellent secondary characters who cause us to want to know more about them, too.

And...she does chemistry which jumps off the page, grabs you by the throat, and makes you feel as if you are in the throes of passion. Yup, the woman can write.

When Ms. Louise started this series with Make You Mine, she layered it with characters who demanded your respect and attention. One which was so three dimensional, we could hardly wait for her book to be released. Well, get ready because this is Ruby Bank's tale.
She was Drew's best friend. Drew was the love interest in the first book and she was a very accomplished therapist. Ruby was new to being a fully qualified therapist and was trying to build her client list. These women have been there for each other since childhood.

Ruby's life was different from Drew's in that she endured all the mean girls at school. As a child of a Korean Mother and Anglo Father, she was the target to insensitive, hurtful comments about her mother and her. Ruby worked to be strong and the fact her father was cold, distant and not interested in Ruby, made her develop who she was. She had an undying love for her mother, a woman who had a career before she married her physician husband. She put all of her dreams aside and focused on his happiness and her daughter's.

The result was a woman who was talented in art but put it away for the approved path dictated by her parents. Now she is grown, her father has passed and she is still living at home. The plus is the amazing food her mother makes, the minus is her mother is in her business. And another minus is she is not loving this therapist career.

Oh, and there is one more other big thing...There are no decent men where she lives! She is fed up with all the duds. This has been tested by using all the apps, the regular meet and greet method, and even being fixed up by friends...Ruby has a distinct personality, meaning not a shrinking violet...remember mean girls training, and she is pretty straightforward in her ways. Drew tried to help and introduce her to someone she thought would be perfect but the timing for Ruby was just not right.

Remington Key lived a life which should have been the perfect map to his HEA. He was smart, solid and did the right things. He served in the Navy; left and worked with the tech industry developing an app which would later become indispensable for the military. By selling it at the right time, he and his wife were set. They took the next step to become parents and that day finally came.

One that day his best moment and worst happened at the same time. His beautiful daughter was born...and his beloved wife died.

This was a man shattered and in need of help. His mother-in-law stepped up, moved in and helped him raise Lille. It took Remington going through all of the steps of grieving to get where he is now. Lillie is now four and the bright light in his life. He has all the business projects he wants. With Drew's helpas his therapist, he even has been able to move forward and see a possible way to see the future. He doesn't know what it holds for him but he knows he is feeling like he might be interested rather than dead inside. He also is noticing how demanding and strict his mother-in-law is when speaking with Lillie. He understands she loves her yet when he wanted to just sit and watch a movie with his daughter, it became world war three because of the slight nature of the film.

Now Remington is down at the local bar annoyed because even though his mother-in-law was right about the subject matter for a four-year-old, it still annoyed how it all came about. As he nurses his drink he sees Ruby at the end of the bar and remembers when Drew tried to introduce them. He thought she was beautiful then, and he still does now. She is a perfect woman with porcelain skin that begs to be touched. Their eyes do meet, linger for a moment and then Ruby does a small smile.

Drew and Ruby came to the bar to let off steam. Ruby shared with Drew how she wasn't "Feeling" this therapist thing and was lost as to what to pursue. When Ruby and Drew saw Remington at the bar, Drew laughed and said you should pursue Remington, Ha!

Remington was about to move to where Ruby was but Ruby beat him to it. She is standing next to him and they exchange hellos...and then they start to chat and an overwhelming connection happens for Remington. Both of these people start to share much more than they usually do and before he knows it, Remington is offering Ruby a nanny position at an obscene amount per day.

Now Ruby is trying to do the right thing. She knows Remington has been drinking and she makes sure he understands what he is offering. Once she feels he is clear-headed enough, she then stops for a moment to consider exactly what she is getting herself into. She cannot deny her attraction to this man...however, by taking this position for a limited period of time, she would acquire the necessary funds to move out from home and give her breathing room to figure out her next career choice. The only serious challenge is the attraction...but how hard would it be to hold back for a month...In the end, a specific contract of duties, trial time, etc. is agreed to.

Oh, the delight...This story takes off at a level of joy I cannot even explain. Lillie is so special, Lillie with her Daddy is beyond and the Lille with Ruby and Remington listening and watching...Be still my heart. Then you throw in the conflict of the mother-in-law, the conflict of both of these two wanting each other but knowing they are tied up with the boss/employee thing...And then that moment when it becomes too much for both of them and they give in...

Please, Tia... I Want Some More...and then Tia gave it to me! She gave this love story which was layered, sweet, sexy, loving, full of human errors and then more goodness. Both of these people go through their own arcs of growth... and as usual, the man needs to figure things out. But never fear... it all ends so yummy well.

So if you love to have a story which touches All The Romance Bases and gives you humor, heart and sexy smexy times...then please do not delay- click and get started enjoying.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Tia Louise is the USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of 20 sexy romance and romantic suspense novels.

After being a teacher, a book editor, a journalist, and finally a magazine editor, she started writing love stories and never stopped.

Louise lives in the Midwest with her trophy husband, two teenage geniuses, and one grumpy cat.


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