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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Marry Me (Lyrics and Love, #1) by Samantha Lind

A Review by Wendy
3 Bringing the Music to Life Stars
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Spoiler Free 
So how many times have you listened to a song and something plays in your mind..There was a time when there were No Music Videos! People would listen to songs either on a record player, on the radio or in person. The music was key and our minds would conjure up what ever the lyrics and music brought to us through our own experiences. 


Now we have music videos which are produced by the artists and their management teams. Sometimes they are films of the artist performing live to crowds of fans or they can be different studio shots. But mostly they are now concept videos like mini movies and depending on the artist, popularity and budget, they can burn images and stories in creative minds. 

Country singer Thomas Rhett created that perfect storm for Samantha Lind with his song Marry Me. 
( The song seemed to follow her around on her car radio... when she started her car... would be the next song to come up or just ended playing wherever she was...With all of this exposure to this song with meaningful lyrics, it was only natural an idea for a book/series would be planted. 

Samantha Lind gives us a sweet tale of two friends who grew up together and each held the belief secretly that in the end, they should be together. Because neither felt they could share their feelings, different paths happened for them.

In the end though, there is a leap of faith. We get all of it, from the major confrontation and then seeing how it all started. Lind has taken this idea of music which stimulates stories and will be linking them in this umbrella of Lyrics and Love.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


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