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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Catching Callie by Claire Woods

A Review by Wendy
3 Complicated Love Stars
* * *
Spoiler Free
Catching Callie by Claire Woods brings all the elements of New Age Romance into this tale. She takes current events and mixes them with her characters giving their personal dramas legitimacy. 

We have Callie who has been holding everything together for those she loves; her mother who is fighting cancer, her father who is lost and trying to spend every moment with his wife and taking care of her kid brother. Callie was supposed to have a bit of freedom this summer, experience the college life she had missed due to her mother's illness. Instead, she is now having to hold the fort down, handling the management of the diner the family runs. She will be splitting her limited time with the diner and college as her brother will be doing sleep away camp this summer.

Gabe has his own challenges... only more public...and not from his choosing. He is a wide receiver for UVA and is on the radar of all the pro teams. Before this morning, they were aware of him because of his talent and stats. Now he is known because he has been accused of being part of a scandal at the school involving players. He had nothing to do with any of it... maybe not the other players. Coach has decided to send him to the beach campus to sweat it out. 

The drive takes two hours and by the time he reaches the town, the salt air starts to calm him. He lets his guard down for a moment and then in a flash, a crunch happens...There in front of his car is this woman...

Callie cannot believe her luck... a crunched bike and all done by this handsome dimpled hunk behind the wheel. She is fine, annoyed and does not play into the flirt game the guy is doing. Instead she just hightails it out of there. Callies did not like the idea her hormones started alerting her she had them. That is the last thing she needs now.

These two meet again by accident that night on the beach...and somehow...things connect, then stop but the spark and fireworks are there...and cannot be ignored. 

This story covers so much; a jealous and desperate ex girlfriend, paparazzi who will never leave them alone, so many elements trying to keep them apart and the encouraging love Gabe has for Callie. 

This is pure New Age and if that is your jam... then you better get read to Click Click. 

A gifted copy was provided by the author/publisher for an honest review


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