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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Review by Wendy ♥ Anywhere With You by Christina Elle

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Getting Revenge or Really Stars
* * *
Spoiler Free
 It is never fun being the last one to find your guy...especially when that means your group was your sorority sisters who love to remind you that you are still out there ALONE.

This is a tale of just such woman who finds herself, once again dateless for another wedding and she has had it..Teegan is determined to not go it alone. Her best friend feels her pain and reaches out to her brother... yes, the one she never wants any of her friends to date. The friend arranges for our gal to talk with him because he needs a favor too...

You see the wedding just happens to be the brother's ex-fiancé's, Oh and she is his ex because he was injured on the football field to the point where it looked like his career was over. Ex tells Wes she is done while he was in the hospital bed. 

Lovely...So, Wes needs to go to this wedding because his body rebounded beyond any expectation... and will be back playing pro ball again. He convinces Teegan to fake date him for the wedding so he can deliver in person that he is still the pro football player and the ex missed out.

Teegan has always thought Wes was the best... sweet and caring. She would just get tongue-tied around him. The idea of her going to this wedding with him, being his date/fake relationship works wonders for her because she will not be pitied or called out.

Little do either of them know all the different turns and hiccups that will happen to bring them together for real.

Christina is the author of quirky romantic suspense and funny contemporary romance novels. She's hard at work, currently writing her next LOL romance.

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