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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Release Blitz ♥ Brute by SC Daiko ♥ #giveaway $25 GC

Title: Brute
Author: SC Daiko
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 24, 2018


Daniel Collins…
hunky single dad… and my neighbor.
bad-mannered, and reclusive.
They call him the Brute.

I should stay
away from him… except I can’t.

Not when he reveals his brokenness,
and I glimpse the pain in his eyes.
Not when his touch unravels me,
and the heat between us could set the oceans alight.

But play with
fire, and you will get burned.

A fragile heart
can easily be broken again.


A new standalone
contemporary romance from award-winning international bestselling author SC
Daiko, a beautiful love story with plenty of heat and angst. 

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My cottage backs onto woodland, and there’s a path leading
through it. Birdsong and the scent of blackberries fills the air. I let Toby
off his leash and he immediately starts foraging for anything edible… wild
fruit being his favourite snack.
I leave him to it and stride on ahead, knowing he’ll catch
up in good time. Soon I come to a glade where the trees have been thinned out.
Oh shit, standing in the middle of the clearing is Daniel. He’s bare-chested
and dressed in running shorts, doing stretching exercises braced against a
fallen tree trunk.
I slow my footsteps, treading quietly on mouldy old leaves,
and rake my gaze over him. His thick almost-black hair is dripping sweat; it
falls down his face and the back of his solid neck. His beard is unkept and
wild-looking. But it’s his powerful body that mesmerises me and I study the
tats on his muscular arms, tempted to get closer for a better look. God, he’s
beautiful, I suddenly realise. Beautiful but freaking scary at the same time.
I release a slow breath. Stop
it, Cat. You shouldn’t be looking at him that way. The man in front of you is a
brute. You need to keep your distance from him.
Slowly, my heart pounding against my ribcage, I turn around
and prepare to make my way back down the path. Except, Toby comes bounding up
and starts to bark.
Daniel freezes on the spot. His eyes crash into mine, and if
I was scared before now I’m practically peeing myself. He straightens himself
to his full height, still glaring at me, not saying a word.
Toby keeps barking, but he’s also wagging his tail. I grab
hold of his collar and fasten the lead. “Sorry to disturb you.” I bite at my
lips. “We’ll get out of your way.”
He arches an eyebrow. “So, you weren’t following me?”
“Oh, God, no. We were just going for a walk.”
I’m still staring at his tats, trying to decipher the
intricate patterns. He catches my gaze, and I feel my face burning up.
“Get on with your walk, then,” he says through gritted
teeth. “Leave me alone.”
My fingernails dig into the palms of my hands. “No need to
be bad-mannered.”
He crosses his arms in front of his broad chest and lets out
an edgy laugh.
“You are a prick,” I spin around, “the rudest man I’ve ever
He laughs again and keeps laughing mockingly as I stride off
down the pathway, Toby at my heel.

Author Bio

SC Daiko, aka Siobhan (pronounced Shivawn), is an
award-winning, international bestselling contemporary romance author. Originally
from the UK, she now lives in Italy with her husband and two cats.

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