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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Review by Wendy ♥ Wait With Me by Amy Daws

A Review by Wendy

4.5 Life Imitating Art Stars
* * * * 
Spoiler Free

Oh, how do I start this review. There is just so much to relate to...The premise is an author who is blocked and ends up finding her writing groove in the Customer Care Center at the local Tire Depot. It becomes a vital necessity for her to be there everyday to use their comfy chairs and drink the gourmet coffee while she works on her final book of her series.

Now to take a moment and show you how this book will rock your world, the author is an Erotic Romance author... Yes, she self proclaims she writes Smut...all kinds of kinky, sexy smut. So from the beginning to the very end, all of the dialogue is real, hysterical, naughty, dirty and the best...There will be moments where you will laugh so friggin' hard, best pray you have no need for the powder room because you may not make it in time.

Kate Smith is our author and with a name like that, she has always felt less than... a little boring. She tripped into becoming a romance writer and was so sure it was a fluke, she gave herself the name of
Mercedes Lee Loveletter. Yup, a real mouthful...and wouldn't you know it, the book that was a joke, became a bestseller and an author was born.

Kate recently dumped her ex and is trying to get her life and writing in order. Unfortunately, she is also fighting with him about the condo's lease. She found it, her best friend lives next door in the complex, so she is not giving up and moving out. This causes a sort of "War of the Roses" situation with her now living in the downstairs bedroom. The ex-swine can have the master and with him away at the Hampton's for the summer, it is like he isn't there anyway...

But his bad vibe is causing Kate to be unable to write one little word in her own home. It was only when she got her car fixed, did the overwhelming rush of ideas and words hit her...

So Tire Depot's Customer Care Center it was....

Miles Hudson has his own stuff he is dealing with... He just quit smoking and is using red licorice as a substitute cigarette. He knows it is dumb but somehow pretending it is one seems to help a bit. He is standing outside taking a break when Kate is doing her sneaky stealth thing... She thinks putting her head down and walking like she belongs on the premises will get her into the employee entrance without anyone noticing...Only this time she had her head down so far, she walked straight into Miles...

And Bammmm!

Kate looks up and sees the epitome of what every Book Boyfriend is... a Huge, Built Man with muscles on muscles, sculpted jaw, piercing eyes and close cropped dark hair....She couldn't have dreamed up a better specimen...Hell, he had on a tank showing his arms streaked with grease and sweat coming out of a half done up coverall. If it had been a movie... steam would have been pouring off of him...

Miles and Kate get themselves together... with Miles asking if Kate is ok...She say yes and slips into the employees' door. Miles is curious and goes to the center another time to see this woman who keeps showing up there. They have some banter exchanges and when it comes to telling who she is... Kate is embarrassed about how she kept bring other peoples cars to be fixed so she could write there. She ends up telling him her name is Mercedes. This way he won't be able to look her up in the client records.

What happens from this point is a reader's bliss... This woman is a delight in her realness. Miles is recovering from a horrific past relationship... the kind you wish you could punish the woman who ruined the man she tortured. She caused so much painful drama over the years, Miles is in no shape to risk himself again for any woman.

So when both Kate and Miles start to have sparks fly... Miles sends mixed messages and Kate doesn't know what is happening...They finally do decide on a Casual Thing.

Friendly... Friends with Benefits...

OMFG.... I Cannot...I just suggest you have all of your Laundry Done...Amy Daws writes Miles and Kate getting together in a way that will knock you out..Just sayin'

But with all the smokin' hot chemistry... do not ignore the sweet and real, too. All of it was done so well.

There are hiccups with these two, what would a story be with angst...I found it to be extremely entertaining and an extremely satisfying read. Many laughs, lots of Swoon and a couple to root for. 

 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

8193655 Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of the Harris Brothers Series and is most known for her punny, footy-playing, British playboys. The Harris Brothers and her London Lovers Series fuel her passion for all things London. When Amy's not writing, she's watching Gilmore Girls or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy awkward-smiles from a distance.

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