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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Release Blitz/Review ♥ Eternal Desire by Kim Loraine ♥

Title: Eternal Desire

Series: The Siren Coven #1
Author: Kim Loraine
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 27, 2018



Dying young is tragic. Dying young and being reborn over and over for
all eternity? That’s exhausting. My goal had always been to reunite with my
sister witches and break the curse put on us. Love was a risk I wasn’t willing
to take. It wasn’t worth knowing it’d end in heartbreak. Then a handsome beast
found me and took me as his mate. Grant McTavish linked our souls without
giving me a choice. Now, with a ticking clock, a shifter pack on the hunt for
me and my sisters, and Grant trying to claim my heart, I’ve got to save myself
in order to save the man I don’t want to love.


I never thought I’d find my mate. I’ve watched my pack members find
theirs time and time again, but for me, it wasn’t an option. I do my job, fight
to keep my pack safe, that’s it. But when my beauty walked into my life, there
was no stopping my instinct. Izzy is mine, and no curse is going to take her
from me. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. She may think keeping her
love from me will keep me alive when her curse takes her, but I know better.
We’ll have our happily ever after. I’ll make sure of it.

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Review by Diane

Four and a half (4.5) mystical, sensual and mind-blowing Stars!!!

**** 1/2

Fantasy or Reality. Legends or Myths.  Heaven or Hell.  Powerful Love or Animalistic Attraction.  Finding your soulmate or just mating.  Kim Loraine has you thinking about all these things in every book she writes and has you believing that all things are possible with every character she develops.  Whatever path her mind travels on as she weaves her story, I find I want to follow.

Eternal Desire, the first book in The Siren Coven series revolves around three witches, Izzy or Isolt, Helena and Gwen.  We first met this trio of “sisters” (as they like to refer to one another) in The Fallen Angel Trilogy.  Little did I know that a trio of witches I hated in that Trilogy would become a trio of witches that I have grown to love in this newest book by Kim Loraine.

Kim Loraine has a talent for erotic paranormal stories and Eternal Desire is no exception.  Steamy erotic sex, passionate lovemaking, sizzling heat, never-ending desire, off-the-charts fantasy/paranormal writing are her forte and quite honestly I haven’t read an author that can weave a tale with all these aspects as well as she can!
Our book focuses primarily on “sister” witch, Izzy.  A beautiful blonde witch with an ethereal appearance.  It seems our trio of witches, in true Groundhog Day fashion, keep dying young and then have the unfortunate luck of being reborn…..again, and again, and again… get the drift.  Because of this little curse placed on our witches, Izzy has refused to get close to anyone.  She had love once, a very long time ago, and it didn’t pan out well.  She had to die and she took her true love with her as part of the curse.  Now a hot and sexy shifter (aka werewolf) has crossed her path and tells her they are soulmates.  Izzy feels the pull to Grant, our shifter, but fights it at every turn. How can a witch be a soulmate of a shifter?  They are two different species!  But more importantly, she can’t be responsible for another person she loves dying.  

Grant has his own set of problems too.  Besides trying to constantly convince Izzy they are meant for each other and that he will die defending her, it seems his Pack has been hired by some unknown person to track down our trio of witches and eliminate them.  Do these “girls” ever get a break????

This story is full of tons and tons of banter…..quick witted, sensual, erotic, sassy.  Danger is always imminent for our witches and now our shifter Grant, as he tries to defend them and protect his Izzy.  Add to that, twists and turns at every page turn that will keep any reader on the edge of their seat and reading late into the night.  Although there is enough resolution at the end of this book to satisfy the reader, many, many questions remain unanswered. There are still issues to resolve, curses to break.  Trouble is still brewing for our trio which I am sure will continue in the next book of this series.  But until then, read The Fallen Angel Trilogy (Free on Kindle Unlimited) and meet our sister witches when they were really bad ass witches!

Author Bio

Kim Loraine was raised a Navy brat but spent most of her
life growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A proper Washingtonian,
she's addicted to coffee, doesn't let a little rain ruin her day, and thinks
the sun is a gift from God. When not chasing her three little minions around,
Kim spends her time writing, reading, and binge watching Doctor Who.

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