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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Review by Wendy ♥ Everest by S.L. Scott

A Review by Wendy 

4.5 Taking the Risk Stars
* * * *1/2 
 Spoiler Free

Fame, Achievement, Vast Wealth... They may all seem like winning the Lottery Ticket to Life's Dreams. And in many ways they are...but there is also another side that comes with those experiences... and many of them are not all they are cracked up to be...

Now I know first instinct may be... hey, I will take whatever comes with all that and deal... because it must be so much better than not having them...and Yes, there is no denying Life Is Much Easier with Financial Security. However, there can be a downside to being this Entity... this known person and in Everest, we are given firsthand how this can impact a person's life.

We first meet Everest as a guy who has the world on a string... He developed a Social Media Network...Shades of Facebook, maybe and over the course of the years he worked it, grew it to be become profitable and now at 26, he is a billionaire. He is this presence, a man who enters the room and without knowing anything about him, you would be drawn to him.

Everest has not been the most guarded, relying on his close friends who knew him Before... those he can trust. He still has a free and easy way... with the enjoyment of women who are thrilled to have only a look or touch by him. We are first at a party in the Bronx where Everest and his best friends are surveying the crowd.

There Everest is caught with a vision, a woman who is nothing like all the others... She sits on a futon, unassuming and taking in her surroundings. She wears a sweet blue dress with red lipstick calling to him. There is something about her... she is an innocent in this sea of others...others ready for a quickie in a bathroom or a try to snag the brass ring with a billionaire...

But not her...

Singer Davis can remember all about that night at the party when she first saw Everest. She had been there only because her best friend brought her and it really wasn't her thing. She had seen this hunk of a man looking and she looked back a few times... She decided to get out of the room and took the idea of sitting on the fire escape as the way to figure out if she should stay any longer.

Everest comes out and sits right next to Singer. He is intrigued and deep down feels she is a person who doesn't want anything of him because of "Who He Is"...He feels he could have a real conversation with her and as they start to talk to each other... he realizes he is right...

It only was a few moments, a sharing of beer and conversation...Somehow her seeing how happy and confident he is...cause interest in the brief the time with him. He is warm, charming and true... but there is this thing, this more...and a moment happens...

A serious moment where they connect so strongly. Without any words, he leans in, is about to risk it all and kiss her...

But it never happens...

Instead, he is whisked away by the model who was the draw of the night, the shiny object of everyone's desires...and Singer's and Everest's moment is lost...But never forgotten by either of them.

A year goes by... And a lot can happen in a year. Everest learned some very hard life lessons. He is fighting the good fight but it is not over...he is still deep in the mix. The lessons have taught him not to trust as everything is not as it seems...It has caused him to do things differently, live differently and it has taken a toll on the man...He is alone.

Singer and her friend, Melanie, have seen Everest over the last year here and there...but there has been no contact. They are at a bar and both see Everest. The friend teases Singer and Singer does that sweet blush. Singer only has wistful thoughts of that moment out on the fire escape.

But now Everest is walking towards her after a year of sightings...plunks down next to Singer and says Hey...Mentions he thinks they should hang out... Stunned, Singer just nods and Melanie pushes hard for Everest to commit to a Sunday afternoon meeting in the park.


This is the start which will grab you and not let you go, if you let it. This story is current with all of the references to what happens when the playing field of business and betrayal is clear. It shows how everything can have an impact that was not intended; how things can be manipulated.

But it also gives us two main characters who are meant to be together It is their second chance, the first woefully interrupted. I loved both of them and the power of self by Singer; her goodness and understanding of love did it for me. Her love of her friend and the support each gave to each other was beautiful. These character were not drawn in crayon... but cared for and felt from the start. Singer is a very special and it is easy to love and admire her. She sees the good and is a glass half full person.

Everest is a man who has been hurt and needs to power through and let go with Singer. Their chemistry - off the charts and the swoony parts <333

This story has many layers and you are there in the moment through it all. There are many secondary characters who, when on the page, do not feel secondary at all.... I couldn't stop reading this and even when I suspected outcomes, I didn't care because I was so invested. I lost sleep but it was worth it for me.

Take the time, follow this tale and you will have a love journey. 

 A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

6467114 S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures.
Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.
Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys.

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