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Monday, May 22, 2017

Review by Diane ♥ Romancing the Bachelor by Diane Alberts

A Review By Diane
4 1/2 Stars

I wasn’t quite sure about this book as I started to read it.  Court room, lawyers, they don’t do much for me, but as I got into the story I really started to enjoy and like the main characters.  Eric Hamilton is our hot, rich and sexy lawyer, having just made junior partner which is part of his “five year plan.”   Okay, so our main hot guy is a little too Type A for someone that young, but hey, he’s organized with a goal in mind.  Unfortunately it doesn’t involve a girlfriend, a future for a family, something with a commitment in mind.  Then enters this darling, cute court reporter and all that changes…..of course it takes a bit for him to realizing things are changing.  I mean this guy even ignored our wonderful Shelby even though they lived in the same building for who knows how long.  So much for that “five year plan” if you can’t even see what is right next to you.

Shelby Jefferson is a small town girl, who has come to the big city of Atlanta and has figured out she’s NOT a big city girl.  She’s just biding her time and looking for that “perfect job” to get her back to that perfect small town.  So when she and Eric meet and give in to their mutual attraction (eventually, because Shelby can’t stand Eric in the beginning) they decide “friends with benefits” is the way to go as both have their end goals in mind and no relationship is going to derail it. 

Wow!!!  Watch the sparks start to fly with that direction!! 

I loved this contemporary romance story.  Diane Alberts has written a fun, clever romance that has plenty of ups and downs but keeps your attention right to the very end.  The sex is sweet and sensitive at times and then downright too hot to handle at other times.  It was somewhat painful to watch Eric hold so hard to his plans and his commitment to not get involved with Shelby at times.  I mean that’s when you want to reach through the pages, grab that guy and shake him silly.  To me, when I want to get that involved in the story, the author has done her job.  She’s drawn me into the story and made me care about these characters!!

A fun, sweet book about a girl next door, and the hot, handsome rich guy with his head up his “you know what” who finally realizes the “five year plan” that he truly wants isn’t the one he’s currently on.  I’m looking forward to Ms. Alberts next book in this series about the Hamilton Family!

A copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.  

5081315 Diane Alberts is a USA TODAY bestselling Contemporary Romance author with Entangled Publishing. Under the name Jen McLaughlin, she also writes New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling books with Penguin Random House. She was mentioned in Forbes alongside E. L. James as one of the breakout independent authors to dominate the bestselling lists. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.
Diane has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author. Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, and three cats. Her goal is to write so many fantastic stories that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

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